What Is Another Word For Stomach Pain?

What is it called when you want to vomit?

Nausea is feeling an urge to vomit.

It is often called “being sick to your stomach.” Vomiting or throwing-up is forcing the contents of the stomach up through the food pipe (esophagus) and out of the mouth..

Is stomachache one word or two?

Although one word ‘stomachache’ would be logical after the pattern of ‘earache’, ‘backache’, ‘headache’, I think it looks funny and would always write it as two words. Hermione Golightly said: I think stomachache looks both funny haha and funny peculiar.

How do you use headache in a sentence?

Examples of headache in a Sentence I’m starting to get a headache. The symptoms include fever and headache. The city’s biggest headache is traffic. Managing your finances can be a real headache.

How do you use stomach ache in a sentence?

1, I’ve had a stomach ache all morning. 2, I ate too much and got a terrible stomach ache. 3, Stomach ache is an additional side effect. 4, Daniel’s been complaining of a stomach ache for a couple of days.

Is diarrhea a reason to call in sick?

But some excuses may be more believable to employers than others, so choose yours wisely. A 2015 survey by UK healthcare provider Benenden found vomiting, diarrhoea and the flu are the best excuses, but don’t call in claiming a migraine or head cold.

What is a sentence for stomach?

Examples of stomach in a Sentence Noun She has problems with her stomach. I’ve had enough to eat. My stomach is full. He was lying on his stomach.

What is the second name of stomach?

Anatomical terminology The abdomen (colloquially called the stomach, belly, tummy or midriff) is the part of the body between the thorax (chest) and pelvis, in humans and in other vertebrates.

What is another word for upset stomach?

Alternate Synonyms for “stomach upset”: indigestion; dyspepsia; upset stomach; symptom.

What’s the scientific name for stomach?

In anatomy, the stomach is an organ in the gastrointestinal tract used to digest food. … Latin names for the stomach include Ventriculus and Gaster; many medical terms related to the stomach start in “gastro-” or “gastric”.

What is the cause of stomach pain?

Various causes of abdominal pain include, but are not limited to, indigestion after eating, gallstones and gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis), pregnancy, gas, inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), appendicitis, ulcers, gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), pancreatitis, …

What is a polite way to say diarrhea?

If you’re talking with a medical professional and you are uncomfortable using the word “diarrhea,” you may want to say, “I have loose stool,” or “I have the runs,” and your healthcare provider will know what you’re talking about.

What means belly?

1a : abdomen sense 1 also : potbelly sense 1. b : the stomach and its adjuncts. c : the undersurface of an animal’s body also : hide from this part. d : womb, uterus. 2a : an internal cavity : interior.

What is the term for a stomach ache?

noun. pain in the stomach or abdomen; colic.

What is the other word for stomach?

In this page you can discover 52 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for stomach, like: belly, hunger, paunch, taste, thirst, endure, abide, (colloq.) bear, abdomen, abomasum and appetite.