Quick Answer: Why Does It Feel Good When Someone Rubs Your Head?

Is it bad to play with your hair?

Because it damages your locks…

Every time you fiddle with your hair, your locks rub against one another and get twisted and tangled.

This repetitive yet minor damage can have repercussions on the hair fibre.

Its natural protection becomes fissured and thus less effective.

As a result, your hair is more damage-prone..

Why does it feel good when someone plays with your hair?

Humans are hard wired to crave the touch of other humans. The scalp has thousands of nerve points that connect to the amygdala which is that part of the brain that is our pleasure center. The touching of the hair is rapidly transferred to this pleasure center making you “feel good”.

Why does it feel good when someone scratches your head?

There is a high density of nerve fibres in the higher part of the skin of the scalp. The act of scratching can cause neurochemicals that are released in the brain that can stimulate the feel good places of our brain.

Why does it feel so good to be touched?

Massaging and caressing our skin stimulates the vagus nerve, which runs up the spine to the brain and helps regulate multiple body functions. Being touched in a loving way reduces levels of the stress chemical cortisol and increases levels of the feel-good chemical oxytocin.

Why does a guy touch your hair?

If a guy is attracted towards you, he might touch your hair often to know how you feel like. Often when you are initially attracted towards someone physically, it has got to do with your face, your body and also your hair. He might touch your hair and your face too to feel you better.