Quick Answer: Which Is The Biggest Village In Kerala?

Which is the biggest state in Kerala?

With total area of 4480 sq km, Palakkad is the largest district in Kerala, followed by Idukki with total area of 4479 sq km.

Alappuzha with an area of 1414 sq.

km, is the smallest and is the only district in Kerala without any area under forest cover..

Which is the first hygienic panchayat in Kerala?

Muhamma, a village in Alappuzha district of Kerala, has made a one-of-its-kind record. It has been declared as the ‘first synthetic sanitary pad free village in Kerala’. The local gram panchayat executed the project in 2019 in a bid to tackle menstrual waste in the area.

Which is the first digital Panchayat in Kerala?

This small panchayat ward in Kerala has become the first one to go digital in the country, taking a very important step in fulfilling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream. KOTTAYAM: A ward in the district today became India’s first digitalised panchayat ward.

Which is the most beautiful village in Kerala?

Visit the most Beautiful Villages of Kerala – An Exciting Trip to KeralaAttappady village: This village is the largest tribal settlement and it is rich in culture and tradition. … Thrithala village: … Thirunelli village: … Nilambur village: … Karumadi: … Punnapra: … Pathiramanal Island:

Which is the beautiful village in India?

1. Diskit Village, Ladakh. Diskit is set in the remote region of Ladakh. The village is surrounded by the beauty and thrill that Ladakh has to offer its many visitors.

Which is the beautiful city in Kerala?

KozhikodeOriginally known as Calicut, Kozhikode is a beautiful city in Kerala. Among the must-visit attractions set on the Malabar Coast, the town definitely makes its name. It is well-known as a paradise for those who wish to explore nature and history at its best.

Which is the largest panchayat in Kerala?

Peringammala is the first largest panchayat in Thiruvananthapuram district in the state of Kerala, India. There are two places named Peringammala, the other one is between balaramapuram and venganoor which is on the southern side of the Thiruvananthapuram district.

Which is the smallest village in Kerala?

KudayathoorThodupuzha is the only municipal town in the district. The largest village is Kannan Devan Hills of Devikulam Taluk with an area of 557 km 2 , and Kudayathoor of Thodupuzha Taluk is the smallest village with an ares of 21 km2.

Which is the largest town in Kerala?

MalappuramKerala/Largest cities

Which is the smallest village in India?

Ha, Arunachal Pradesh The smallest named place in India, Ha is a tribal village which is situated 4,780 ft above sea level. It is a quiet village located in Longding Koling (Pipsorang) of Kurung Kumey district.

Which is the richest city in Kerala?

List of districts and cities in Kerala by GDP per capitaRankDistrictPer capita income in Rs.1Ernakulam162,2972Kollam143,6383Alappuzha143,5424Thrissur135,51810 more rows

Which is the cleanest city in Kerala?

Suthan BatheryRoads are cleaned spotless and citizens sell their garbage to the municipality to make fertiliser. In lush Wayanad, the town of Suthan Bathery is credited with being ‘Kerala’s cleanest town’.