Quick Answer: What Lipstick Does Priyanka Chopra Use?

Which Foundation does Deepika use?

Shekar likes a silky matte base like the Chantecaille Futute Skin Gel Foundation (she used it on Padukone for her wedding too, because it settles well on the actor’s skin while still staying matte), and prefers finishing with a matte powder like the Chantecaille HD Loose Powder to mattify the entire face, especially ….

What is net worth of Priyanka Chopra?

According to a report, Priyanka Chopra’s total net worth is estimated to be a staggering $50 million, which rounds off to Rs 367 crores.

What does Priyanka Chopra use for her hair?

She is a big fan of coconut oil and scalp massages. Highly influenced by Indian beauty traditions passed down to her, Priyanka says coconut oil is one of her hair’s secret weapons. She shared with Vogue in 2017 that her grandmother or mom used to sit her down and use oil on her hair and then leave it in braids.

How can I get lips like Priyanka Chopra?

Use an exfoliating lip scrub or make one at home with just sugar and honey and scrub it on your lips. After washing this off, your lips will instantly feel and look better. Apply lip balm and let your lips soak this in. Use makeup to make your lips seem bigger than you are.

What scent does Priyanka Chopra wear?

Trussardi Donna Eau de ParfumFor a global icon like Priyanka, who serves as an inspiration for many young girls and women across the world, it’s no surprise that her favorite perfume to wear is the Trussardi Donna Eau de Parfum.

What color is Priyanka Chopra hair?

espresso brownHairstylist Shah Karegar of The Benjamin Salon told POPSUGAR that the process of changing Chopra’s color took a full four hours: “Priyanka’s hair is naturally espresso brown, and whenever a client wants to go lighter in one step, it’s very important not to rush.

What kind of perfume does Rihanna wear?

When word got out that Rihanna wore Love, Don’t Be Shy, Jackie bought a bottle to test it out, taking to her Instagram story to confirm it smelled an awful lot like Riri. So there you have it: Rihanna’s perfume is Kilian’s Love, Don’t Be Shy.

What does Trussardi Donna smell like?

It’s a pretty simple creamy white floral, sharp citrus and touch of fruit. It’s light, clean but creamy not soapy. Trussardi Donna is very sensual and lush when sniffed close by, that is what I love about it.

What color lipstick does Priyanka Chopra wear?

Priyanka rarely does red lipstick, but when she wears the colour, it is gorgeous. With gold lids being the only dramatic addition, she lets her matte, tomato-red lipcolour do all the talking. Get this lipstick look with MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick.

What makeup does Priyanka Chopra use?

When it comes to makeup, Chopra is a fan of MAC for foundation. “They have great products for Asian skin,” she says in reference to the brand. She’s addicted to the NC series. I’m a fan as well.