Question: What Is The Most Common Infectious Cause Of Death Worldwide?

Which of the following is a method of interrupting the chain of infection?

Break the chain by cleaning your hands frequently, staying up to date on your vaccines (including the flu shot), covering coughs and sneezes and staying home when sick, following the rules for standard and contact isolation, using personal protective equipment the right way, cleaning and disinfecting the environment, ….

What is the most common infectious disease worldwide quizlet?

Severe cases develop into _ hemorrhagic fever, which involves high fever, hemorrhaging, and sometimes circulatory failure. Approximately 2 billion people are infected with this virus, making it the most common infectious disease in the world today.

What disease is the second leading cause of death for people aged 15 59 years?

Heart disease, which accounted 18.1% of deaths, was the second leading cause of death, followed by chronic lower respiratory disease (4.3%), unintentional injury (4.2%), diabetes (4.0%) and other causes listed.

How many people die from the common cold?

The CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year. SOURCES: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: “Common Cold.”

What is the leading cause of infectious disease death worldwide quizlet?

Tuberculosis is the leading cause of infectious disease-related death worldwide.

What are the world’s four most serious infectious diseases?

These are only four of the infectious diseases that have shaped the last century. In reality, there are a number that could have been included in this list of threats including polio, malaria, cholera and syphilis.

What is the number one cause of death for teenagers?

Accidents (unintentional injuries), homicide, suicide, cancer, and heart disease make up the five leading causes of death for teenagers. Motor vehicle fatality is the leading cause of accident death among teenagers, representing over one-third of all deaths to teenagers.

What is the rarest disease on Earth?

RPI deficiency According to the Journal of Molecular Medicine, Ribose-5 phosphate isomerase deficiency, or RPI Deficinecy, is the rarest disease in the world with MRI and DNA analysis providing only one case in history.

What are the top 10 causes of death worldwide?

The top global causes of death, in order of total number of lives lost, are associated with three broad topics: cardiovascular (ischaemic heart disease, stroke), respiratory (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lower respiratory infections) and neonatal conditions – which include birth asphyxia and birth trauma, …

What are the two main diseases that are one of the leading causes of death in the world?

The 20 most frequent causes of death are shown in Table 1. Ischaemic heart disease and cer- ebrovascular disease are the leading causes of death, followed by lower respiratory infections (including pneumonia), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diarrhoeal diseases.

Which disease presents the highest risk to dental personnel?

HBVHBV presents the greatest hazard to the nonimmune dental worker. It has been estimated that 6,800 nonvaccinated health care workers in the United States become infected with HBV every year, of these, approximately 100 will die from cirrhosis, liver cancer or fulminant hepatitis.

What has killed the most humans in history?

Wars and armed conflicts with highest estimated death tolls of 100,000 or moreEventLowest estimateHighest estimateWorld War II60,000,000118,357,000Three Kingdoms36,000,00040,000,000Mongol conquests30,000,00057,000,000European colonization of the Americas8,400,000138,000,00047 more rows

What are the biggest causes of death in the world?

Leading Causes of DeathHeart disease: 655,381.Cancer: 599,274.Accidents (unintentional injuries): 167,127.Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 159,486.Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 147,810.Alzheimer’s disease: 122,019.Diabetes: 84,946.Influenza and pneumonia: 59,120.More items…

How many people died in 2019 in the world?

NOTE: All 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus. Chart and table of the World death rate from 1950 to 2020….World Death Rate 1950-2020.World – Historical Death Rate DataYearDeath RateGrowth Rate20197.5790.440%20187.546-0.320%20177.570-0.320%68 more rows

What is the most common infectious disease worldwide?

According to current statistics, hepatitis B is the most common infectious disease in the world, affecting some 2 billion people — that’s more than one-quarter of the world’s population.