Wikibuy com reviews. There are expensive versions, cheap ones, and others in between. How do you make the right choice? One thing is for sure: If you shop on Amazon, Wikibuy.

Wikibuy com reviews

Beating Amazon Prime Prices, Wiki-Buy, is prime worth it, and enhanced brand content

Wikibuy com reviews. A2A. I would give Wikibuy a mixed review. I have been using it pretty much since it was first launched and I spend hours every day looking for products and.

Wikibuy com reviews

How much money do you save? Thus the idea to write a more complete review lodged itself into my mind. Yes, by all accounts. See what I mean? Online price comparison websites are nothing new, but as far as I know, this has been the first time anyone tried to automate the whole process and make it into a browser extension.

Depends on your shopping behavior. The difference in price could be almost negligible at times, but if you are buying more expensive goods OR if you frequently purchase online it can quickly add up.

It integrates the following features. All of this you could do on your own, but it takes a truckload of time to do all the Google searches yourself and pay for PayPal service. Here is an example of using WikiBuy to get a better price. The green pop-up is created by WikiBuy. Clicking on it will take you to the offer on Ebay, which sells the same item at a lower price. Below you can see the offer on Ebay. In this case both items come with free shipping. Same product, lower price.

All payment transactions are actually handed by WikiBuy much like how PayPal works. WikiBuy will also handle all disputes and delivery tracking.

Always check for yourself if you were linked to the exact same product and if you are actually getting a discount. The store may have the item listed as available on the website, but in reality it might be out of stock in your immediate area and has to be shipped from a warehouse that is out of state.

Disabling and reinstalling WikiBuy solved this, but this is clearly an oversight that needs to be addressed by the developers! WikiBuy is definitely a new and innovative method to boost the efficiency of your online shopping and you should definitely give it a try if you live in the US and use the Chrome browser.

As with every new software it has its kinks and minor problems, but nothing to negatively impact its performance in a major way. I disabled it because it did slow it down on my computer with how I use it.

WikiBuy will automatically run a search for the any product you are viewing across multiple online stores and provide you the link with the best offer, while also factoring in delivery cost and applying the best coupon discount available. The interface is very simplistic, thus also easy to understand intuitively. Since WikiBuy charges the store for its service it does need to display Ads on your screen in order to make profit. WikiBuy does a pretty decent job in comparing prices and product specifications, but no software is perfect.

Since WikiBuy works as the middle man between you and the store, some delay of communication may happen when the item you ordered is not immediately available. Integrating the browser extension is quick and easy enough and the interface is pretty simple. Thank you for the honest review. You are most welcome! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.


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