What is malay. Normally, however, these latter are included in the Malay category, as Bumiputera. ('princes or sons of the soil'), which then provides the Malays with a slight numerical majority. The census breakdown is as follows: Table 1. Population of Malaysia by ethnic group, Ethnic Group Number Percentage of Population*.

What is malay

Malay race

What is malay. themselves did not for a long time refer to themselves as Malays (a fact attested to by the lack of mention of the term in Malay chronicles and court writings) yet this does not mean that they were not aware of their distinctiveness as a group. What can be surmised is that with the passage of time, a Malay identity emerged.

What is malay

The Malays speak various dialects belonging to the Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian family of languages. The Malays were once probably a people of coastal Borneo who expanded into Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula as a result of their trading and seafaring way of life.

That this expansion occurred only in the last 1, years or so is indicated by the fact that the languages of the Malay group are all still very much alike though very divergent from the languages of other peoples of Sumatra, Borneo, and other neighbouring lands.

In the early 21st century the Malays constituted about half of the population of Peninsular Malaysia West Malaysia and about one-eighth of the population of East Malaysia Sarawak and Sabah. Malay culture has been strongly influenced by the cultures of other areas, including Thailand , Java , and Sumatra. The influence of Hindu India was historically very great.

The Malays were largely Hinduized before they were converted to Islam in the 15th century. Many Malays are rural people, living in villages rather than towns. Much of the Malay Peninsula is covered by jungle, and the villages, with populations from 50 to 1,, are located along rivers and coasts or on roads. Traditional houses are built on pilings that raise them four to eight feet off the ground, with gabled roofs made of thatch; houses of the more affluent have plank floors and tile roofs.

The principal food crop is rice from paddies , and rubber and palm oil are the main cash crops. Traditionally, Malay social organization was somewhat feudal, with a sharp division between nobility and commoners. The head of a village was a commoner, but the chief of the district, to whom the village head reported, was a member of the nobility.

Since the late 20th century, however, the nobility has been replaced by appointed and elected officials subject to a parliament and other elected bodies, although class distinctions have persisted. With rapidly accelerating rural-to-urban migration, many Malays have left their villages to settle in cities, towns, and suburbs, where they now work in virtually every industry. Marriages have traditionally been arranged by the parents. The typical household consists of the husband and wife and their children.

Muslim religious holidays are observed. Some Hindu ritual survives, as in the second part of the marriage ceremony and in various ceremonies of state. In some rural areas the Malays have also preserved some of their old beliefs in spirits of the soil and jungle, which are partly Hindu in origin; they often have recourse to traditional healers bomoh s for the treatment of disease.

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