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Protective put covered call

Options 101: Adding Put Options to Covered Calls

Protective put covered call. Two common strategies are to reduce exposure by using a covered call (selling a call option) or to use a protective put (buying a put option).

Protective put covered call

The biggest downside of covered calls is their lack of downside protection on the underlying. A big, but not unusually big correction can wipe out many months worth of profits.

I have found that the best way to really appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of a strategy is to have money at stake, so I started to look for a good situation to do some hedging on a covered call position. Some downside protection seemed like a good idea, and the OTM puts were attractively priced at 0.

Maximum profit on this trade was 0. The market dropped off sharply on the 10th. In cases like this I will often buy back the calls. In this case I bought back the Aug calls at. Wednesday the market really blew off. Friday I closed out the position early because I was not going to be able to monitor the position the rest of the day, selling the SPY at Related Posts In and out with the big jump on Wednesday. I disagree with your opening statement that covered calls suffer from a lack of downside protection.

It all depends on what strike you choose. For example, right now you can buy GE at Factor in the dividend that goes ex-div Sep 16 and you have an annualized return if called and if flat of Hi Mike, Very good point. ITM calls can provide lots of downside protection. However I am wondering about your What am I missing? You can probably get a couple more cents premium by beating the spread with a combo order, but that's still quite a ways from Covered Calls Coach audio conference calling.

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