Mt4 g3 for sale. Hi my name is Matt, I have a Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 in about a 7/10 condition. I purchased it about 4 years ago and have rarely used it. It has a Savox sc, and am extremely well made and beneficial chassis brace and aluminum front and rear hub carriers as though are a common issue for people.

Mt4 g3 for sale

Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 Long term review

Mt4 g3 for sale. Hi All, Selling my MT4 G3, I personally have only used it one (disgraceful I know!) and believe it hasn't been used much at all before that.

Mt4 g3 for sale

But this one has a little something extra thanks to the massive upgrades to the system. Add to that these upgrades: Upgraded shock absorbers and heavy duty springs. Two options for body: Or b a custom built steel frame to really make this a bashing beast.

The custom frame also has custom mounts that screw onto the stock mounts, this reinforces the whole chassis. Included are some spares as pictured, but includes a full set of spare wheels the original wheels that come with the MT4 G3 , extra shock absorbers for when running with the metal frame, some swing arms, and a few extra bits and pieces. The radio is a standard fare 2. Optionally I have a barely used battery for the car, a really powerful 5 cell LiPo 40C mah battery which makes this car very fast and very powerful.

I chose this battery because it is massive but still just squeezes into the battery compartment which makes it perfect. On 5 cells, this thing is extremely fast and I recommend taking it easy to begin with.

This is a truly epic monster truck, with all the right upgrades to make this a unique and powerful and fun car. It looks tough and it is tough and with the 3 diffs it's also really stable and easy to drive. At the moment the car is using a single shock per arm setup for use with the stock shell. But also pictured is what it looks like with the custom metal frame setup with double shock absorbers per arm.

As you can imagine, it is really tough and it looks awesome. If you have doubts about the price, think about this: For more high-res photos, go to https: Last edited by AndyGray; at Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

Looks like a gem truck, might be able to keep up with my losi lol. It's an awesome truck - epic really. Shame to say goodbye but my son and I just don't use it anymore. It would be better served elsewhere. Not a lot of action on this forum anymore though: MT4 G3 Battery recomendations. By wert in forum Batteries and Chargers. The time now is


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