Making 500 a day. Question: How to make dollars a DAY online? Is it possible? Oh YES, it's VERY possible here's how *I* did it $ a day – sure would be nice to make that kind of money online, wouldn't it .. Can Squidoo Make you $ in one day?

Making 500 a day


Making 500 a day. Similarly, if you want to earn your first $ per day trading, you must learn how to make your first $50! This Seems like pure common sense doesn't it? But.

Making 500 a day

I know for myself, as with a lot of people, that kind of income made from home can really be… well, it can be life changing. Sadly, too many give up on blogging before they get there. This is how I got there — and how you can get there, too. If you are ready to finally make the money you want from your blog and you want to learn the right way to do it , check out this training. Follow these simple steps to start a FREE blog — perfect for newbies.

Start a Blog this is the cheapest place to do it. Trust me — you NEED to start a blog! First off, we all know screen shots can be a bunch of crap. If you read here at PotPieGirl. Take a look here and see how much this wonderful woman makes and you can also see how she does it here. Being an Amazon affiliate is free. After signing up, you add special links to your web pages that link to products on Amazon and when people buy things through your special links, you make money.

I have literally fallen in love with this training group …. They offer wonderful step by step detailed training that is perfect for ANY level of experience — with the community support you need. Read this blog post that details which training is right for YOU. That course above will help you find your niche, find your keywords, teach you the right way to set up your site, and solid SEO skills. Now, if you have the basics down, but you want to earn MORE and see better results from your efforts….

I answer all other beginner questions in this post here at PotPieGirl. Other than a few bucks a month for domain names and hosting — nothing. There are no other direct costs associated to make those sales. You are building a business. If you want to learn how to make money online starting with very little money to invest, these are the things you do. As you make money, you reinvest into your education, your tools, and your business.

You will also need support and a community you can count on for help and feedback. Working online can be a bit lonely at times and it can also be VERY over-whelming when you feel you are going at it all alone.

Community is important as you move through this stage. It will help keep you motivated, involved, and also help you build a network of marketing peers that will be able to help you and YOU help THEM through-out your entire career. I have found all of those things at Wealthy Affiliate.

Beyond the endless tools, resources, and tutorials, the community there is flat out amazing. Step One — Join Wealthy Affiliate for free here. There is also THIS amazing community of people all learning from the very beginning — you should join in with them. As time passes, you will find you have a lot of knowledge in-between your ears, but feel a lot lost as to what to DO with it all. Fail to plan and plan to fail? Something like that…lol But you need a way to put it all together using free online methods and get some money coming in.

You also will want an action plan that is also a strong root system for your entire online business that you can build on. This page explains what a niche site is and how they make money. Can you see how each of these steps lead to more growth and more sales?

That is the beauty of it! While you are working through those steps and learning AND earning you will be coming across great campaigns that YOU created that are ready for more targeted traffic. That is a really tough question for me to answer. After all my own trial and error, I have isolated the steps down to these five.

It took me about a year — give or take. I fumbled my way around and made my way thru all the junk and empty promises just to get to these basic five steps. I have no idea. How long WILL it take you? How hard are you willing to work for it? Everything you need is there. Each time you stray off path and get distracted by the newest, latest-and-greatest super system ie, the shiny things , you are setting yourself back. It is also a good learning experience to see how things work, when and why things get indexed, why and how they rank, etc etc, but trust me on this….

If it fell out of the Google index, it will come back. You watching it will not make it happen faster voice of experience there…haha! Once upon a time, I kept a spreadsheet of every single web page I had at the time not many…about 20 and every single day, I tracked the stats on each one.

What a waste of time. Take one day a week and set aside stat checking time. I am a one-woman show. Many of you are one-woman, or one-man, shows too. All we have of ultimate value is our time. The best lesson I learned was to not spend too much of my time while testing a market. Now, once it converts ie, works for ME , then I work it to death!

Keep making those campaigns and uncover all the profitable little markets you can. Are YOU making these 8 fatal mistakes on Pinterest? If so, these mistakes are probably why you're not getting the traffic and results from Pinterest that you deserve. Enter your email below and I'll send you a free copy of 8 Fatal Pinterest Mistakes.

Glad to see my gut feeling about it was right though: Hey Jen, This is an excellent post. So clear and concise. I think it is really imperative to have a plan. I think having faith the plan will work means a lot, so the fact you are using the same plan is important. Geez, I have been doing this for a long time and every time I turn around I see myself doing something else, and have to veer back to the original plan again.

I am going to take your mantra to heart. Next year, focus, one plan, one goal! If you do for a year. As someone who is quickly approaching the dollar a day level I can vouch that Jennifer has the process spot on. I would like to mention that focus is especially important.

Several sites I own were launched in haste and I have had to spend hundreds of hours fixing them when if I had done it correctly from the beginning it would have probably only taken an extra day or so per site. I want to warn anyone trying to make a living online they should be very careful how they take their payments. In August my site was mistakenly identified as a malicious site by Trend Micro, PC-Cillin and immediately blocked globally for no reason.

I have since been cleared of any wrong doing by a formal investigation by Trend Micro. Long before that this happened:. Call your site host and add a SSL certificate to your site.

PayPal buttons are fine, they use this. You can tell this problem is occuring if you have goal conversions set up in Google analytics. Check to see if you are selling any products to visitors using Internet Explorer 7. If you have some type of block in a database it will be possibly consumed by the IE 7 anti phishing filter database and you will have almost 0 sales occurring in Internet Explorer.

At the same time you will have a way higher sales success rate in Firefox. Sudden drops in newsletter subscribe rates, abandoned payments, email click thru rates and sales in general are all indicative of this kind of blocking.

The only reason I got a few emails delivered was that I was highly whitelisted in Gmail due to my Google social network friends list. Please tell anyone you know to look into this so that this does not happen to them. Tons more documentation is on both my sites. The value of the time is so important. And I realized this just recently and I had a small talk with myself. Find the niche, test it in 5 days, any profit great, work it, and if no profit find another niche!

You have such interesting posts, I look forward to reading whatever you write. I get great entrepreneur ideas from you. Really great post, PPG! As you said, it can be a little overwhelming. But this post makes it much clearer, in such a succinct way. I like the realistic, down-to-earth tone about what to expect, how long it will take, etc.

It is also motivating to know that if one just sticks to the plan and takes action, the results will come.


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