Loose change put options. For example, the volume of put options instruments that pay off only when a stock drops in price surged in the parent companies of United Airlines on September 6 and American Airlines on September 10 highly suspicious trading on its face. Yet, further investigation has revealed that the trading had.

Loose change put options

the 9/11 loose change deception part 2 (put options)

Loose change put options. Dylan Avery's Loose Change is responsible for a lot of people ending up in the 9/11 Truth movement, but now his position on the topic has matured quite.

Loose change put options

Loaded with powerful, new footage and in-depth interviews with the likes of Steven Earl Jones, an American physicist who has discovered undetonated explosive material in multiple samples of dust from the World Trade Center collapses, this documentary presents a wide array of evidence both known and unknown. When everyone wakes up. I already seen this, is it old if I am not mistaken. I do not subscribe to the whodunnit, I have no idea and do not claim to know.

I only know my end of it. Buildings do not fall that way, without help, physically impossible. The laws governing physics cannot be changed.

That's my story, I'm a stickin to 'er. Um, ya, this guy is a fraud. Stephen Jones is facing charges for fabricating evidence to make, if I remember correctly, paint chips appear to be explosives. He was wrong, this doc is wrong, sunjata deserves a fist in his face for continuing to lie to everyone to make a buck. But I have never seen the documents or proof other than the directors of this and other docs, and the people they interviewed say that a certain group or individual had to be involved.

I just cannot say who did it, what one person or group of people. I am an engineer, not a detective. There are supposed to be people doing that job, actual detective work. What followed this day was nothing short of a farce, it was nothing like detective work.

Destroying evidence to boot and not doing a proper fire investigation either. Anyways, I like many people, have my suspicions, but speaking them would be unfair, I do not know, like the rest of you. None can say definitively that they know, although one could surmise Mr Silverstein had to be involved, following that on air gaffe where he spoke the truth and had to back pedal to say he meant something else.

I do not believe in coincidences and this one was to me, not a coincidence or a slip of the the tongue. Pull it means one thing. Nothing else, nice try though Larry. Anyways, I only know the numbers.

They do not add up. No engineer worth their salt has ever argued that. If some have, I have yet to meet them in 11 years.

They may not say so publicly, but it is what it is, the majority of professionals understand that. Those buildings were imploded. Why and who, that can be answered by others in time. I cannot change a thing or peoples mind, but I do sleep well at night knowing whoever did this, did not pull the wool over everyone's eyes, especially credentialed professionals who know better.

That is the only satisfaction I have over this event. The rest leaves me with a very heavy heart, and has for 11 years. I do not feel bad feeling's alone. If whoever did this would go to that level, how far would they go?

Hmm, I never heard this. Direct me to where you read he is facing charges. I seriously doubt that, he is a mormon and not a crazy man. I have read his work more than once, the man is no joke. I question what you say here in the strongest terms. I'm actually a really chill guy other than when people lie for financial gains, then yes, I can be a real ass.

Sunjata, Avery, Alex Jones, and all of their ilk are parasites and should have the words "fiction" stamped on all of their work. The exploitation of financial gain is certainly not one of them. All the material they provide from my knowledge is non-profit, and they aren't selling anything besides their theories. So please explain to me how they financially exploited these theories? Are they selling survival packs, t-shirts, subscriptions, etc What is their financial motivation?

Something is not right, meaning something is very wrong. There is absolutely no way to dispute the fact that the 'official' story of is definitely fishy. Hey what are you buddy, some kinda psy-op operative? Without questions there are no answers You really think there are no conspiracies in the world?

We already know there are, so why you trying to stop people from asking questions for, huh? You ever heard of a Martyr? Instead powerful interest groups use a more subtle approach to dismiss potential truth-Sayers. Just like the word 'Propaganda' is no longer viewed in a positive light within our society, So too is 'conspiracy theories'.

For example, Imaginative portrayals of men with 'tin foil hats', cranked alien abduction stories from mad men, and deranged men holding signs entitled "end of the world" all aid in attacking the credibility of the few that do offer a legitimate Theory of a conspiracy, a. An hour and a half long "documentary" if you can even call it that providing no real facts!

Why do you use that vimeo player, it is unplayable, even after pausing for 5 mins it still stops and starts every second, i can only assum you use to to stop people watching it or wind them up, i have recommended this site to lots, but if you use that vimeo player i can't, as it is pure crap.

From now on when i see vimeo i will just click the red cross in the top right corner, this was such aa good site once, i can only assume that vimeo greased some parms of people on short term contracts and don't care if they kill this site, pity was a good site once.

One of the best films on this subject with much stuff not seen on other documentaries. I can appreciate the criticism of the idea of explosives, and indeed it's necessary to criticize in order to clarify what's known or can be known so facts can be shown. As well as this the scape goat of each is such that it gives each government the ability to declare war on anyone that comes under these vague parameters.

Why do all CTs says collapsed due to fire? Why omit the other important factor? You should say "No steel framed buildings have collapsed due to being hit by a passenger jet and subsequent fires. It would also be correct since no other high rise buildings have been hit by jets.

It also means you can't use this statement. Maybe that is why you neglect to mention the jet crashes. They are all Canadians. I am a Canadian. Therefore, I must be a rapist-serial killer. Your logic is no better. Interesting comparison but not usable as evidence and proves absolutely nothing. Conspiracy theorists not being incarcerated proves that their allegations are correct. Makes sense in a convoluted way.

Choose your words carefully friend. How many facts does it take before a conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact? The effectiveness of the system's disarmament of mind is very good. As soon as someone suggests a "conspiracy theory" all of those adherents to such a label relieve themselves of the personal responsibility to check for themselves the facts of the case. In essence applying the label "conspiracy theorist" to anyone is the ultimate expression of blissful ignorance.

Would you rather call each other names than to conduct your own investigation of the facts? It seems so but the most powerful thing that can be held in this regard is a viable account of the facts and the fact that truth is easy to defend.

First I think you mis-interpreted what I said, I never said that all conspiracy theorists allegations were always correct. These types of tactics against conspiracy theories work so well precisely because so many of them are wrong, as it de-legitimizes those few that are right. It works, as individuals such as your self attack conspiracy theories as an negative linguistic identity and not what it truly is an abstract theory which should be judged on merit.

If you choose to believe in the claims by debunkers or the mainstream rational than that is your choice. It is no different than those conspiracy theorists who advocate a different polarizing view. Finally, if you havn't noticed in both my posts I'm taking an objective stance on the nature of conspiracy theorists. I'm not claiming their ideals have merit. The fact that your so defensive in your judgement as claiming that I was advocating that all CT's are correct suggests a deep regression and closed mind of thought in your part.

Open yourself up to new polarizing ideas, understand why people think they way they do, especially those that are completely foreign to your way of thought. Its how you learn and grow. I have investigated the facts. The facts say that nineteen Muslim extremists hijacked four passenger jets. Two hit the twin towers, a third jet hit the pentagon and the fourth crash landed in a field.

That is my conclusion after exhaustive research. I found no evidence that conclusively points anywhere else. No solid evidence of explosives, no missiles, its not a hologram, the twin towers were not empty shells, no evidence that points directly at anyone but those nineteen Muslims.

Before you can have evidence you need a theory, hypothesis.


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