Ken long swing trading system. Ken will present the elearning course update, and on the following day, he will launch into teaching his new Adaptive Swing Trading Workshop. In this three-day intensive workshop, Dr. Long presents a series of advanced, adaptive swing trading systems and strategies that work well for holding periods.

Ken long swing trading system

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Ken long swing trading system. In this new three-day workshop, Dr. Ken Long presents a series of advanced, adaptive trading systems that work well in the swing period holding timeframe – from two days to two weeks.

Ken long swing trading system

Would you like your money to make money—even when the market goes down? And it could take as little as a few minutes or less per week. Low-maintenance systems to earn consistent returns using longer-term trading systems. If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then the eLearning course, Core Trading Systems: Market Outperformance and Absolute Returns, is probably a good fit for your needs.

Over the last decade, Dr. Ken Long has taught Van Tharp Institute workshops about trading systems with intermediate to long-term holding periods. Over those years, his trading systems have improved dramatically. In the last few years, he has designed what he considers his best intermediate trading system, and interestingly enough, it has a very simple set of rules.

By combining a lot of various ideas he has gathered from academic research, from analysts, from his personal investing experience, and from his Tortoise Mastermind group of traders, he has created a group of trading systems that enables someone to outperform the market on a consistent and long term basis — all with a minor amount of work. For each system he presents, Ken provides the logic, academic research on the strategy, the long-term results and his personal experience trading the system.

S ystems and Market Conditions. How good are these systems? Additionally, Ken has had professional money managers backtest the systems and now a number of them manage significant amounts of client money with them. Ken himself has personally traded each of these systems with his own money over various periods of time and he uses his most recently developed longer term system for his retirement money. These truly are core systems for a number of successful traders' portfolios.

Investors and traders have at least two qualities in common—they value their time and they want returns. In the new streaming version of his Core Trading Systems course, Dr. Ken Long presents six trading systems that require little time to execute and earn returns that provide consistent returns that beat the market consistently.

One of the primary objectives of longer-term systems is that they require less management than shorter term systems. Ken's Core Systems can be operated largely outside of market hours in less than an hour per month. Further, these systems do more than beat the market. How many ideas worth thousands of dollars each would it take for this course to make sense for you?

Apply a Tharp Think principle and consider a reward to risk ratio of 3: You can quickly recognize that this course presents a high R multiple potential with all the knowledge, systems and tools it delivers to you. Ken Long teaching a live presentation of the two day workshop in at the Van Tharp Institute.

The eLearning course has 15 video lectures, each about 30 minutes long and the total amount of video is about 7 hours. Ken begins the course by talking about one of his passions — adult learning. Why would he start with that instead of trading? In addition, he believes even a basic understanding of the subject can help you to absorb the lessons of the course more effectively.

Based on some well documented research by one of the top adult learning theorists in the world, Ken provides a method to help you integrate what you learn in the course. He goes into just enough of the theory to help you understand why a process of writing down certain observations and then thinking about them can help you learn more effectively.

Next, he provides a little background on how he looks at the markets and how that view of the market has to mesh with who you are as a person and how your systems work. Also, being able to think about the market in multiple timeframes helps his overall trading and helps him have a better understanding of what the market is doing.

Further, he defines what the market is doing in a certain way that allows him to classify the market type, much like Dr. After providing that backdrop for the market, Ken then talks about how systems that require adjustments to its positions just once a year can outperform the market over time.

To prove his point about the effectiveness of once a year position adjustments, he challenges the students in the workshop to divide a pool of equity into several asset classes and see how their allocation compares with the market performance overall. You may be surprised, as the teams were, by the results.

You will listen as Ken asks the teams to comment on the thinking behind their allocations and several team leaders provide their logic. Interestingly, some of the strategies for improving the Permanent Portfolio performance also show up in some academic research as well as in a number of books by some well-known money managers.

Some of these methods require management at the annual interval as well while others adjust positions on a quarterly basis and the rest on a monthly basis. You can pick any of the methods he presents and outperform the market on a regular basis.

Rather than screening thousands of stocks, he watches about index-oriented ETFs which can be managed like stocks. Because of the breadth of ETF products, he is able to effectively take positions in global offerings rather than being confined to the US. Also, the ETFs price behavior allows him to participate in moves when they are rising but allows him to stay in cash when they are falling or even just facing conditions less favorable to rising.

He looks back over two timeframes and blends those two for a ranking. Fast recent risers may fizz out but those with some movement over the longer timeframe help confirm they are in a longer-term trend. The ranking method is quite easy to calculate and only needs to be done once a month or once a quarter. With pencil, paper, and a calculator, it would take less than an hour for someone to look up prices and rank each of them. While the system itself is simple, he makes sure everyone has grounding in the thinking behind it and how he has adapted various ideas to craft the rules.

He also covers some of the testing that some other traders have done to verify its performance. In addition, there are two group exercises — Ken is a big believer in hands on learning.

At the live workshop, Ken broke the attendees into a number of groups for two separate exercises where they tried to maximize their returns creating strategies based on the systems taught.

You can participate in one of these exercises on your own and compare your results with the teams in the workshop. These exercise have been eye-opening for past attendees when they find out with fairly simple strategies that every group has been able to beat - by far usually, market average returns.

Nearly 7 hours of video recorded live at a Van Tharp Institute workshop organized into fifteen lectures, most are about 30 minutes long.

These include all the major parts of the trading systems that Dr. Tharp describes as well background information and possible variations on the rules. A printable document that allows you to follow the lectures looking at the same slides Ken uses without having to open or reference multiple documents during the lectures.

The ability to watch and re-watch the lectures an unlimited number of times during your one-year subscription. As an added bonus to Core Trading Systems we have added a lecture by Van Tharp that was extracted from the Tharp Think Essentials eLearning course at no additional charge.

In this bonus lecture, Van discusses the importance of position sizing strategies and explains how different objectives will lead you to use different position sizing strategies. Learn about some optional position sizing strategies for long term systems that help meet different objectives. The full workshop is also included at no extra charge with another home study workshop, Swing Trading Systems. When Ken Long before he obtained his Ph.

Ken is one of the few people I've met who has a graduate degree in systems design. His doctorate research was about managing in environments with a lot of uncertainty. Because of his training, Ken spots ideas that most people would never think of. For example, when Ken attended our systems workshop and learned about the complex training game we were playing, he developed a strategizing procedure that I now use to teach everyone that attends that workshop.

Ken is one of our best instructors in part because he treats his trading and teaching as he treats his martial arts, his soccer coaching and life in general: Ken is a thinker, philosopher, a tinkerer and a leader. He applies what he learns faster and gets more done every day than anyone else I know. He started with mutual funds in the s but has grown over the last twenty years into an outstanding big-picture thinker and long-term, tactical trader.

He has also evolved his strategies over the years and teaches his latest advancements in this course. What Ken does today is not that hard. He says that if he learned how to do it, anyone can! You already have a Google ID if you have one of the following: Note — You will need your Google ID prior to purchasing this course as the checkout process requires you to enter your Gmail address or email address associated with your Google account.

If not having a google ID is a hindrance to purchasing the course please contact us and we will assist you. An internet connection with enough bandwidth to enable you to watch streaming video. The eLearning website works best with browsers other than Internet Explorer. We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. All you do is enter the id and all of the content is available to you.

This shows where you enter your ID and agree to terms during the check out process Once you complete the check out process a new webpage will load. Because this is a video course, our guarantee is a bit different than some of our other products. You have 24 hours to review the product. This is not enough time to finish the course but it does allow you to log in and start the course. Generally if the course is not right for you you can tell fairly soon. Contact us within 24 hours and we'll discontinue your subscription and issue you a refund.

After this review period we can no longer provide a refund. Based on the quality of the material and the lower overall monetary and time investment compared with a live workshop in North Carolina, the feedback we have received so far about the eLearning course has been unanimously positive. After considering a lot of video hosting options we determined that Google via Google Drive provides an effective and efficient way to host the significant amount of course content, however a google id is a requirement to access google drive.

If you need assistance with this, please contact us before making your purchase. The lectures are all provided as video recordings from the live workshop. You need a fast enough connection to be able to watch video without frequent interruptions and enough resolution to be able to interpret what you see. A dial-up account will not allow you to watch the videos effectively if at all.

Never the less, the concepts underlying why the systems work do not require ETF instruments specifically. ETFs simply make it easy for US based investors to execute the systems.


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