Instaforex wikipedia. I have traded here for 6 month and i never have issue regarding withdrawal and deposit even i'm using wire transfer. They dont have own financial services such other broker, but thats not the point. If they really want to scam, they will collapse long long ago. Still able to got new customer, thats explain.

Instaforex wikipedia

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Instaforex wikipedia. Instaforex wikipedia. I turned into then blew the lot in 10 minutes what began as fun evenings of poker led to a serious gambling addiction for the old pal in question if there was anywhere you could play holdem online i was in there all the next day, my pulse returning to normal just Comprar.

Instaforex wikipedia

Read our traders comments below. We receive complaints about Instaforex on a daily basis. What we also receive is fake positive comments from Instaforex employees trying to improve their reputation. We are reviewing each comment but reviewing our rating system is not possible. So please be certain that it is biased to the positive.

And dear Instaforex employees: Your fakes are so obvious that it is fairly easy for us to filter them. After we added this message they changed their strategy a bit and at least try to disguise they are employees writing positively about their company. The comments are still just embarassing and so obvious fakes that it hurts. I made huge profits with them. Support was always helpful and their bonus is so amazing. Please stop that immediately. With these fake comments you make it even less likely that a real positive comment from a real customer will get approved by us.

We will deactivate the commenting section for Instaforex for a while. We have asked you to stop it and have not activated one single comment from you. This should be reason enough for you to give up on it but it seems you are not going to learn. To all the real traders out there who want to share their experience. Feel free to get in touch and share your story. Overall Instaforex is very popular but nevertheless you have to ask if Instaforex is reliable or not.

There are scam complaints with every Forex broker and Instaforex is no exception. A lot of complaints come from trader that tried to abuse the Instaforex bonus program and got their account locked. This is a good reason and the broker has the right to do so. These are technical difficulties that occur rarely and not every trader experiences these problems. So no need to call Instaforex a scam. There was a dispute between Instaforex and the Forexpeacearmy.

You can read about here. Instaforex is not the only broker that rages against Forexpeacearmy and criticizes its behaviour. You have to judge it on your own what to think about this dispute. Get your free demo account. Your capital is at risk. The Alternative - Social Trading: Just copy successful traders with a click of a button and profit.

I send them my picture holding with my passport and then they are said that is not my picture. They are not want to open my account. If you are not want to pay then tell me I give you more money but do not steal peoples money like this.

We kindly ask you to please coordinate again with the Antifraud Department regarding that matter. Instaforex is not more than a fraud. My account number is I earned 45 dollars after a lot of hard work and troubles and on first withdraw request they just disable my account. My account is not only funded with just bonus. The Company reserves the right to deny crediting the bonus or to cancel bonus and profit made over the bonus without explaining the reason.

As a rule, such actions mean violation of the bonus program or trading regulation rules or excluding a trader from the bonus program.

Let us remind you and others that the bonus funds are given to begining traders, so they could learn Forex without risking their own money. But nowadays lots of cheaters try to post as many messages on forums as possible to get a bigger bonus and then implement cheating strategies on their accounts to have a guarantee profit which is not a result of the market deals.

I understand the sentiments here but one should not blame the broker regarding the incurred losses. As a trader, it is your responsible to manage your account safely. The outcome of your trading activities depends on how you manage the trading account.

Many traders are telling that they are scammed because they wanted to trade immediately without knowing the rules and regulations and without thinking about the consequences of it.

We have warned everyone that cheating is prohibited and in case the company detects a cheating strategy on your account, both a bonus and profit earned from this bonus with a cheating way, are to be cancelled.

They had no trouble withdrawing their funds, because they followed all the rules and made no violation. I ne my seft scam of this site to I open lot with small like. Hi Omalyaiof, where exactly do you see the mistake? Our rating system is independent and we try to rely on our traders experiences only when making statements about brokers. In the case of Instaforex there are many employees trying to fake reviews and their ratings. So the actual rating is not exactly displaying our traders experience which seems to be worse according to the amount of complaints we receive.

Please do not easily believe the information. It is your choice who you should trust to. But we kindly ask you to weigh the information above and make right conclusions. What a shameless company and their antifraud department that do that thing.

This web site is scam and prize scam insta forex scam that is in 1st position on that site. Scam peoples do this please please please do not trust them, soon they are become defaulter and scam, safe your money and leave that broker and choose some other good broker,.

Never invest them or their contest and their any thing because they are leir, scamer, fraud peoples. They theft your money and neve back you that money. Please stop accusing our company without solid proof. We kindly ask you to please directly coordinate with the Antifraud Department again regarding that matter.

You can also leave a message to the Administration of Forex Broker Rating, just fill in the form using the link provided below. They are big scamer and also blackmailer because they disabled my withdraw option and also insta wallet scam their service. I says that must share my all picture The owner of the document and the person holding the document are different people. So it means that the document is not yours. In case of attempts of blackmailing us in Forex community we will have to disclose all this information including the photos.

I am trading with them for long and never get scammed. On the contrary, they provide good services and benefits, for example ForexCopy system. I could get my first earnings thanks to this system. I only copied trades from successful traders and paid a low commission for this service. Do you now try to fake positive reviews without even using a fake or legitimate address?

Instaforex is scamming many peoples out of there, I am one of them. Lost ; Real Result: I have all the official MT4 Logs that prove them. I am looking for a serious Law Firm to make an official claim against them. Have you tried to contact the Dealer Department regarding your case? If not yet, kindly specify your trading account number. I also not receive my prize. I win three time but not receive till my prize.

They make us fool when friday come they cancel my verification. I veify three time and get verification but after friday hey cancel it and make fool us with fake contests. Our company offers the most utmost opportunities for our customers and we are surely doing our best to assist and guide our clients needs. Please contact the support service by one of these two emails support instaforex. Thank you and have a good day! This broker is not reliable.

I advice to every one do not deposit ur money in instafoex they all are scammer and cheater. Kindly specify the complete details of your problem and do not forget to provide your trading account number.

Regarding to your claim, can you provide us any proofs? Instaforex is a big time scammer. I opened 2 accounts with them. Placed the same trade with same parameters on d 2 accounts, the one with the bigger lot size hit SL while the other with a small lot size hit Tp.

I complained to them and they were telling me rubbish about gap. I was warned earlier but ignored it. Please stay away from instaforex for profitable trading.

Kindly give the complete details of your problem.


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