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You will have a greater chance at someone being familiar with the laws of your area. The spam filter occasionally eats good posts. Message the mods with a link to your post if you would like for us to save it and we might. Forget the link and we won't. I got a text message yes, a text over a payday loan debt saying they will come to my work and arrest me. I believe this is from a 4 year old pay day loan I was unable to pay back.

Of which, I found very odd considering I am in TX and we have constables for that type of thing. The man was very rude and brash, said he was with some service or company, not any kind of law enforcement or even an attorney. On that day, the 27th, I was moving and seeing doctors. I called the litigation firm who supposedly had this "case" they are saying I purposefully attempted to defraud a financial institution by writing a bad check when they went to take their payment.

It was not in the bank as I had lost my job and was unable to pay to see what I could do and their offer of repayment was absurd bi weekly, which I can not possibly do. When I told this firm I am unable to make those payments as I was moving in with my girlfriend because of money issues, they pretty much said "good luck in court" then hung up on me.

I attempted to call this "locator" back to meet up with him and get these papers presumably to go to court over this and he never picked up nor was there a voice mail. I don't know what to do, what this is and I am even very confused as I though jail was not a possibility over debt at least in TX per the TX constitution.

Can I go to jail for this? Is this text just to try to scare me strong arm debt collecting tactics? What can I do to get these buttholes to stop calling me 30 times a day? A few side note, my credit is shot, utterly shot.

I'm 33 and prtty much feeling like bankruptcy is my only option left, but I can not as of right now afford a retainer. The part that is bothering me is they keep using the word "charges" and keep saying I attempted to defraud a financial institution with a "bad check". All be it, this bad check was just them electronically trying to withdraw money they were owed from my bank account.

Which hardly, to me, seems I was doing anything on purpose as I lost my income. So again, what should I do? Should I be worried of someone showing up to my current job and arresting me over this? It's a scam, there's no "Washington D. Crime Bureau" that I've ever heard of. If you look up your text online, you can see other scam reports identical to yours. See here for an identical situation and here for a similar one.

There's your answer then! You can contact the FTC here to report the scam. When this "locator" contacted me, he was very hyped up and so on. And then he wanted to meet up and I already felt threatened. I mean, why would i offer to meet someone who was this aggressive who is not from the police?

Some prosecutors would bring a conspiracy claim based on the threats and then him trying to meet you. I would go to the police with this. You are absolutely correct - constables are primarily there to serve papers. They handle civil law, normally. Now, that's not to say that all they do is serve papers.

Constables generally serve civil process, although in some counties Liberty County for example the sheriff does it. Either way, any competent adult can be a process server, and some firms exclusively use them because they are more Regardless your experience sounds like utter horseshit.

The advice about reporting them to the police for the threats and criminal conspiracy is good advice. Yea, I've had assholes like this call me and I've called the police. What the police do is say "They're not going to do anything, just ignore them. It baffles me that a law enforcement agency would call themselves the "Washington DC crime Bureau" which is a terrible name and doesn't appear to exist when Washington DC doesn't need a police department and a state-level criminal investigation bureau, and then texts you to let you know they're going to arrest you.

Plus, WTF is "section 9 of chapter 19 c "? Of what jurisdictions' statutes? It looks like a scam: I doubt they would have jurisdiction to arrest you even if they existed , and they would need a warrant. If someone does come from the "Washington DC Crime Bureau" and tries to take you into custody, drop everything, get behind a locked door, and call the police. BTW, you should consult a bankruptcy attorney.

And you should consider reporting this text message to the police. They're impersonating police officers which is a major felony in every jurisdiction I know of. And, if they did anything that could be construed as implementing a plan to unlawfully take you into custody, that's conspiracy to kidnap.

It baffles me that a law enforcement agency would call themselves the "Washington DC crime Bureau". My first thought was that is sounded made up. But it wasn't poorly written like most scams so I didn't know. The Nigerian Prince scam and similar well-known scams are normally for large sums which only the stupidest of idiots would pay.

So they load the text with errors, so they don't have to sieve through thousands of slightly-smart people before they find the gullible old lady that sends them cash. Many other scams are actually quite smart. They use proper grammar and spelling to forge an aura of authenticity. These are the scams people like you and I may fall prey to. What an age we live in that correct spelling and grammar automatically lend themselves to authority Okay, I should have said "uphold an aura of authority".

Another good trick is not ending sentences with ellipses Washington DC doesn't need a police department and a state-level criminal investigation bureau. And yet, somehow we still have far more than we need Those are among the ones we actually do need , tho They wear tactical vests with NZP on the front and back. It's really quite ominous. But they're actually a federal guard force under the Smithsonian.


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