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Super easy forex

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Super easy forex

It's your turn to learn institutional trading best practices. Register for a free e-book. Dollar Index has whipsawed both ways this week but came off lows late in the US session to lift towards This can still fall over at the next stage, but it does look far more likely now and can possibly lift USDX back towards USDJPY was solid on the back of the headlines surrounding tax reform progress but I feel that it can move much higher through I expect a breakout later this week or next, however, in the meantime, a likely holding pattern around 1.

Essentially the UK have agreed to the huge Euro based divorce settlement figure, but we need confirmation from the EU side to see a run up towards 1.

Look for a move towards possibly unless the tax plan completely flips and the AUDUSD turns higher into a relief rally. It should only be a matter of time before we are running up towards 1. Strong bullish bias now in play, as more clarity is now in the market re OPEC Oil production cuts too. The VIX lifted off the lows to get a run above 11 anyway as the fear index starts to move out of the very narrow trading range. This is set for a break very soon, so look for much bigger trading ranges in the coming fortnight.

The trading range for Gold has done a reset lower and may break down below if more hints of lack of opposition to the proposed US Tax Reform flow through our newswires. This can go either way, so be nimble, but I prefer the upside on a possible USD disappointment out of the US Tax Reform story, which I just cannot see passing in its current form, but anything is possible.

The Futures market starting not only adds legitimacy, but will see the money flowing into Bitcoin shift from Retail speculation to the institutional side. Therefore you should consider whether these products are appropriate in view of your objectives, financial situation and needs as well as considering the risks associated in dealing with those products.

Forex and CFD trading involves substantial risk of loss. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Your invested capital is at significant risk. Learn how you can trade the hottest market of the decade with easyMarkets. How To Trade Indices.

Trading Online with easyMarkets Trading on the Internet: Basic Steps The Trading Platform: Euro slid back under the 1. Sterling is supported by Brexit progress and is the major FX pair leading the pack currently.

I have been calling 1. The Aussie jumped back towards on the back of broad based USD strength overnight. The grind higher in the Kiwi was short lived and now we may break down under The Kiwi range should maintain 67 - 69c to close off this year. Why trade with easy Markets? No software downloads Start trading within minutes.

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