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No hype options trading free download

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No hype options trading free download. Read a free sample or buy No-Hype Options Trading by Kerry W. Given. You can read this This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer. Books can be No-Hype Options Trading offers the straight truth on how to trade the options market.

No hype options trading free download

This book can serve as a reference for money managers with high-net-worth clients and investors seeking to generate income in their portfolios. The trading of options is quite mysterious to many investors. Some view the use of options as nothing more than gambling. One may place small bets with the potential for very large gains. Unfortunately, just like bets at a casino, the options trader who bets on a large move in the price of an asset is rarely the winner because most such bets expire worthless.

Your model for trading options should be the casino owner, not the player at the tables. Market professionals who do not trade options as part of their official duties are likely to be surprised by how little they actually understand about the intricacies of options trading.

Most readers of the Financial Analysts Journal have studied options in their academic work or in preparing for the CFA exams. Consequently, they are well versed in the basics of options strategies, including bull and bear spreads, butterfly spreads, and straddles. Some may even have continued their studies to learn about the so-called Greeks: But studying options theory and implementing an options-trading strategy are two different things. In this book, Given, who holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota and whose firm offers educational services on stock and options investing, attempts to strip away the misconceptions associated with options and provides serious strategies for the inexperienced options trader.

Although the title smacks of a fly-by-night book about get-rich-quick schemes, No-Hype Options Trading is a carefully written manual that takes risk management seriously. For every strategy Given offers, he considers the situations in which investors should contemplate the strategy, the risks involved, and the techniques available for managing those risks. Given begins with four chapters that establish the foundations of options trading.

They include a brief introduction to options, a basic look at the concept of probability distributions, a review of options pricing, and the fundamentals of vertical spreads. Market professionals can skim or even skip this introductory material, which is probably included to enable the book to be marketed to a wide audience.

For the reader who has not recently dealt with statistical theory, the chapter on probability distributions provides a good review of the concepts necessary for understanding options trading. The problems allow the reader to estimate the probability that a stock will finish above or below the target price. In the spreadsheet, Given does a good job of highlighting the assumptions and limitations of the spreadsheet estimates.

He does not, however, offer any insight into how the estimates are calculated. For that, the reader will need to dissect the formulas in the spreadsheet and perhaps brush the dust off an old statistics text. These delta-neutral strategies rely not on directional bets with potentially large gains but, rather, on trades that profit from time decay on the positions. From the basic covered call writing to the more esoteric iron butterfly, long-term iron condor, and double diagonal spreads, Given takes the reader through a multitude of strategies that can generate income under various circumstances.

Throughout the book, Given provides examples of the key strategies in a cookbook manner, laying out recipes that the trader should follow. His risk management system consists of four parts: For Given, placing an actual stop loss order when establishing the trade is essential. Adjustment concerns changes in the position that may help extricate the investor from an adverse price move. Although the book provides a number of adjustments that can be made, Given points out that each change needs to be evaluated carefully because many changes in the position will require additional capital.

Setting a profit stop often causes the investor to close a position before the hypothetical maximum profit occurs. Nevertheless, setting a profit stop is invaluable because some trades e. The intelligent options trader will realize that the odds favor this type of strategy over the long run. Finally, a time stop specifies a date by which the investor is willing to admit that the trade did not work out as planned. At that point, the position is closed in a directional trade.

Given generally recommends closing a delta-neutral position on the Friday before the expiration week. In summary, No-Hype Options Trading is a thoughtful guide to sound options-trading strategies that can serve as a valuable reference for both money managers with high-net-worth clients and investors seeking to generate income in their investment portfolios.

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