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Jason adams forex pro cloner

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Jason adams forex pro cloner

I mean, me and Matt [Eversole] made a slappy video for OJ a couple years ago. And we also did a slappy video for Elephant , which I think is what sparked the whole curb madness. That was like or something.

Think, Partners In Crime []. But as I got older it kind of became fewer and farther between. You get into watching skate videos because it amps you up and it inspires you to go skateboarding. I can still backside tailslide anything. I can still Miller Flip anything. I was 21 years old until a year and a half ago. Go out and have fun. But it was all because of my mind and body.

It was frustrating at first. But it was just me putting it on myself. As long as you fucking try your hardest, it shows. Still, I was expecting too much and I was about ready to stab myself in the eyeball with an ice pick over it. When we started, we took a road trip—just me and Kyle—down to like Kernside. We gotta do it around here. We drove a half an hour. We drove across town, you know? We just kept it low key and it all clicked at the same time.

Should have done that in the first place. You know what, though? I did get broke a few times trying to do this thing. But you know what, it felt fucking great. At what point did you decide to use the Johnny Cash song? Kyle had the whole thing before we started. I want to shoot it this way.

It was always about the spot. He only needed a monkey. One day, I decided I was gonna paint a board. So I just made it. We went out and skated and he was stoked on it. He was actually gonna call the film something else. In the beginning it was depressing.

How much of your struggle was due to your identity changing from pro skater who does other stuff, to this guy who mostly does other stuff, but who also loves skating? But it was cool because now I just go skate.

No one gives a shit, anyway. And when I changed my point of view, we finished the video in like three days of filming. Just go have fun. I can still roll and that's good enough! This sounds cheesy, but this project did kind of break my cage. For the last few years, I felt more like a dad and some fucking hustler than a pro skateboarder. But doing this project has kind made me rethink my position in the scheme of things.

If I focused, I could have some kind of fucking veteran pro career. You know what I mean? Corey Duffel Sid Enck Jr. Jason Adams "Run" Interview. When was your last video part? What was your first video part? Was filming for RUN harder than you thought it would be? What was the longest you had to sit out? Deviants in Tahoe September 24, Read More.


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