Greg forex. Greg Secker (born 18 February ) is an English businessmanwho has worked in expertise in foreign exchange and rinternational education of financial trading. Secker has written several books including Financial Freedom Through Forex, Trading Your Way to Success as well as contributing to The Book Of Success:  Children‎: ‎3.

Greg forex

Greg Secker's Forex Trading Masterclass

Greg forex. Greg Secker is the most experienced Forex trading expert. He is the founder of Forex education institution named Learn To Trade.

Greg forex

Login or Sign Up. Search in titles only Search in General Forex only Search. Previous 1 2 3 Next. Dear fellow forex warriors, I recently returned from a conference where Greg Secker from Learn To Trade was one of the guest speakers. After watching and then speaking directly to him after the talk, I realised that their desire to make money at the expense of their "'students" has reached a new height and feel the need to share this info in the hopes that it might stop future people from throwing their money away.

They really do, and there are a few reasons why. Firstly - They sell an unachievable dream. The idea is that after going through their course you'll be able to supplement your existing income through trading less than an hour per day. Which will mean that you'll be able to spend more time with family, walking on the beach and whatever other cliche you can think of.

Secondly - After you've gone through the initial course they offer a number of "upsells" increasing your knowledge base and potential profits. Yes, I know, crazy! But plenty of people pay it Thirdly and this is the kicker - Once you've gone through the stages above you're invited to be a money manager under their umbrella, you'll sit under their license and trade at their in-house brokerage with a spread on the EURUSD of 10 pips. Yep, you heard that right. AND you'll be asked to invite your friends and family to allocate capital to your trading.

They won't give you money to trade, that's up to you. But the "good news" is that you'll earn rebates from your money under management. And this is the part that scared me The driving force behind this is to earn rebates presumably because making a profit isn't realistic. So you are encouraged to convince your friends and family that you're now a "professional" trader and that they should give you some of their hard earned cash to gamble on the market.

Not only are they fleecing their clients for tens of thousands of dollars in useless education and b-booking their losses, they're now getting them to put their personal relationships on the line as well.

Their clients that go through the entire process are losing a fortune and putting themselves under impossible pressure to succeed in front of their trusted friends and family with almost zero chance of success.

Mark my words - this will ruin the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people. Would you like free lifetime access to our forex trading room? Click here to find out more. Haven't you learned that in the 25k course you just paid for? It was clearly stated there. Now shut up and get to work. This is just another MLM scam. Hey thanks very much for this post. I was actually considering paying the money. I have just finished babypips.

Any trustworthy place I can learn how to trade that is reputable? Originally posted by turtlemishy View Post. Originally posted by fcaldas View Post. Me and a friend attended a seminar at Coventry Hilton hotel on 11th March where a gentleman called Gurdas Singh Sidhu gave a fantastic presentation on the idea of forex changing your life.

Would my funds be safe? Sounds like bullying and would cost me train fair there and back? Would love to hear comments for and against.. Originally posted by Shaunokeefe View Post.

I have been the scares of Knowledge to Action school of hard knocks, don't waste your money. I attended one of his very slick seminars and like an idiot paid to go on his two day course, in hindsight how the hell can your learn to trade in two days.

Rather take the money and invest it here you may find it grows. I went to a Greg Secker seminar last night, had a chat with a guy who called me today wanting to be my personal coach and cut the already discounted fee in half for me for today only.

I told him I will need to speak to family to borrow money and have led him on a fair bit but after reading this, I have decided not to go ahead.

My partner wasn't a fan of me going ahead with it either. I clearly want to get into the world of FOREX, and there is so much info out there and feeling overwhelmed. Where is a good place to learn how to trade well and not lose all my money? Originally posted by Pj Tripet View Post. Hi Pj , And once you have checked these out , do shoot me some questions , I'll be happy to a have a 1 to 1 and wont try as sell you anything,,, good luck and chat soon.

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