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Forex factory third screen

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Forex factory third screen. Professional video applications, with the exception of Final Cut Pro X, support native visual effects plug-ins. Motion and older versions of Final Cut Pro support plug-ins based on the FxPlug SDK, whereas After Effects and Premiere Pro support plug-ins based on the After Effects plug-in SDK. FxFactory lets.

Forex factory third screen

This is the strategy I'm using with good results so far. I called it 30 pips because 30 pips is the goal of each trade. About me there is nothing to say, I'm not an expert, I know about forex like 1 year ago, and I'm still a newbie.

I trade the majors when London opens in the 15 min TF. We are going to trade only in the direction on the 2 EMA. If they are pointing up we will buy, if they are pointing down we will sell. How to enter a trade: After london opens we wait Double CCI indicator that gives us a buy signal or a sell signal.

For SL set a targert of 3 pips below or above the last fractal. As you know fractal shows supports and resistances. Attached is the template with the indicators, in this way you can see directly in your pc the trades mentioned in this thread. Ok, the week is over so we can check how the strategy was doing during the week. I know that past events are easy to analyse as there is no psychology pressure, but I have to do it for explanation porpuses.

The first vertical red line is the London open, it is just for reference, it says 10 am because this broker is 2 hrs above from London. The 2nd vertical red line is our entry.

As you can see, 2 EMAS are in downtrend, double CCI histogram is red and below level, yellow and grey lines are below level, fast MACD is not pointing down but it is in crossover, slow macd is pointing down, and stoch is pointing down.

I would like to show you better pics but I dont know how. My pics are not clear and it seems they are far away, and there is no option to zoom in. As you can see all the signals were clear, but take into account that not always is in this way, this is not a perfect system and you will have loser days. As soon as London opened we had a sell opportunity. Is it good to take this trade according with the signals?

As MACDs don't show any direction is better to be out of this trade. I'm very confident in this trade because the Double CCI indicator goes down with such violence that histogram goes beyond the screen.

Free Forex Trading Systems. Hi All This is the strategy I'm using with good results so far. Attached is a screenshoot of how it looks. Hope you enjoy it and sorry if my english is not very good but spanish is my first language. Ok, here is the explanation of the system: Patience is the first thing you have to have if you are considering use this strategy.

Yellow and grey lines are above level. Yellow and grey lines are below level. Wait to hit the TP or SL. I will include some pictures with examples. Feel free to ask and share your ideas. Set a 30 pips TP and a 3 pip SL above the last fractal. If there is anyone that can help, pls let me know. Tuesday Nov 9 Pair: Wednesday Nov 10th Result: Thanks Ruilima Hope I can double my account as you did recently. Thursday 11th Here we have 3 red vertical lines. The london open line at 8: All signals are line up, so we can put our 30 pips TP.

This 3rd line gave us another signal, so if you missed the first one you can enter here or, if you want to enter again, here is the moment.

Friday 12th First red line is the london open line. Histogram is red and below level. Fast and slow MACD are flat. Stoch is pointing down. Tuesday 9th First candle is the London Open candle. Second red line is our signal to buy, all the parameters are in line so we enter the trade.

We close the trade manually with a loss of 8 to 10 pips instead of wait that the trade hit our SL that is the last fractal plus 3 to 5 pips, so we save 15 pips. Second red line, all the signals are in line, so we enter the trade.


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