Cms forex reviews. CMS Forex reviews - Is CMS Forex a reliable trusted broker to trade Forex with? Reviews and rating for CMS Forex broker.

Cms forex reviews

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Cms forex reviews. CMS Forex is said to suffer from a few serious problems of trading, customer service and regulation. We try to uncover whether this is the truth in our review.

Cms forex reviews

All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts. No doubt many people will continue to be loser in life as they completely oblivion of their mistakes and greattest enemy-ego and emotion. I'm forced to write this review to tell people that most of reviewers comments are non-sensical and deserve no attention at all.

Ofcourse some of my friend I told also got the money but blew it up. I started trading this account and within one month almost double it. I opted to be transfered to UK. But mark you, despite the fact I've deposited no single dollar they sent a letter to me in Nigeria,also notified thru email and at the last call me. What a excellent broker!. Then they decided to scrap their retail client they move us to Forex.

I wanted to continue with forex. I've evidence to show or proof anyone of all these statement have said. I want to tell people that CMS was an honest broker though I'm currently not trading with them. I write this review because it will be gross injustice from me to CMS to keep silent without telling the world about this. My friend lost their entire bonus by shorting EURUSD and mkt turn and remaining bullish for following months wiping the entire bonus.

Would he blame the broker like some did above or himself? I like them overall but their outagaes are getting ridiculous now I have had an account with CMS Forex for some time. Their cust service is average. The VT Trader 2 platform is exceptional They seem honest so far. The thing I was talking about in my previous post here is gone now! Very, very fast order execution at any time. I've been trading with them for more than 8 months now, and the service is only getting better, the 2.

Their free Trading Power Course is amazing, too. They have also lowered their leverage to 1: I trade with them regularly - good service, seems like no stop-loss collection. Mickey, I don't clearly understand the sentence "Anytime a protection is remove, they jump against you! If you mean when you remove stops, then it's most probably market jumping against you. I had a couple of cases when the price was pips from my stop-loss level, and returned back if they were collecting stops, they would definitely use the chance, but they did not.

You will lose all your money! Always manipulating their platform against you. Anytime a protection is remove, they jump against you!

Keep your money, save your frustration I joined that company few months ago , their customer service is good , but their trading system VT Trader connection drop every 3 minutes , They recently published MetaTrader4 but its used margin is high in compared with other company , so they need developing their system. I would say they need more servers. I have never seen such a horrible service!

The worst service I've ever seen, sorry I'll have to find something else now. I am more than dissatisfied with their service Please disable AdBlock or whitelist EarnForex. MetaTrader 4 VT Trader. Show account currencies Hide account currencies. Email Live chat Phone. Show history Hide history. Reviews 14 reviews of CMS Forex are presented here. Monday, October 3, Friday, December 17, Good platform, but they stole my money.

I lost money for doing nothing. Stay away from them. Roman Kratochvil , internet. Thursday, September 30, Iam wainting on withdrawal one month - it is very long. Saturday, August 14, Thursday, July 29, They are very bad!

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