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Apple CEO Tim Cook Makes Big Announcements At WWDC 2017

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Apple news de

The Brydge keyboard for Apple's AppleInsider looks at the CalDigit Tuff hard drive, aimed squarely at mobile professionals seeking to safeguard data against drops or falls. Kicking off December, Apple authorized resellers are marking down popular Apple devices for holiday shoppers. Introduced this summer at WWDC17, Apple's HomePod was immediately positioned next to Amazon Echo and Google Home by bloggers as a "smart speaker" serving primarily as a way to chat with a voice assistant.

But that's not how Apple introduced it. With this year's iPhone revisions, Apple introduced a new breed of flexible circuit board crafted from liquid crystal polymer, a material that benefits high-speed, low-latency data transfer. Currently used in iPhone 8 and iPhone X LTE antennas, and the latter's TrueDepth camera, the technology is expected to make its way to other product lines next year. Apple, a company that prides itself on customer experience, just had one of its worst customer-facing weeks in history, with a major security flaw on macOS High Sierra and a bug in iOS that rendered some iPhones essentially unusable.

It has been an embarrassing turn of events for a technology company that frequently boasts about industry-leading customer satisfaction levels. In a highly unusual move, Apple early Saturday released iOS A newly discovered iOS bug is wreaking havoc on devices that have local notifications enabled, causing springboard to enter a crash loop once the clock turns Apple's macOS engineers didn't have much of a chance to recover from holiday turkey this week, since they were quickly forced solve an embarrassing security vulnerability.

The company was meanwhile said to be working on its first power management chips for iPhones, and planning to test self-driving cars in Arizona. Apple CEO Tim Cook is on the guest list for China's fourth annual World Internet Conference, a state-sponsored gathering at which attendees will discuss the future of the country's strict cyberspace policy.

Apple's iPhones have been compared to Samsung flagships for a long time, and there's usually a lot of talk around camera quality. We already compared the quality of still photos between the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8, so let's take a look at video. It appears Apple's quick fix for the recently discovered root user bug can be disabled by upgrading to macOS Plus, enjoy free expedited delivery with no sales tax collected on orders shipped outside NY and NJ.

First come, first served! Come January , new apps submitted to the Mac App Store must include bit support as Apple progresses away from less efficient bit code, while existing apps have until June of next year to include the same. Apple on Friday debuted four new video ads for the Apple Watch Series 3, driving home the wearable's fitness focus and LTE support — as well its potential as a Christmas gift.

Three days after the last release, Apple has issued the sixth beta releases of iOS Although Apple Watch apps tend to be well-behaved, there is a way of force-quitting unruly ones if they freeze or fail to refresh data. The process is fairly simple. If you've recently acquired an Apple TV 4K but cannot take advantage of the higher resolution or HDR content on your current television, it's likely that you're in the market for a new Ultra HD screen.

Lego is on the verge of rolling out another augmented reality app for iOS, with this one fulfilling ARKit-related promises made at WWDC in conjunction with a few sets — and more likely to come. This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Neil talks about his tour of the new downtown Brooklyn Apple store, and some of the details that make it different than stores of the past, while he and Victor also tackle the root user security bug in macOS High Sierra, and Amazon's efforts in video and voice.

After a rocky start marked by a quick initial sellout and lingering supply issues, Apple is quickly catching up with iPhone X demand, with current U. Both Apple's iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 feature dual-lens rear cameras, but which one takes better photos? AppleInsider puts the two flagship smartphones to the test. When Apple announced it was acquiring Beats in , lots of critics scoffed and some even suggested the purchase was evidence that Tim Cook was just grasping at straws, with a good measure of racist-tinged denigration of the value of the LA-based music firm on the side.

Qualcomm on Wednesday continued its legal assault against Apple with a pair of filings alleging infringement of in-house and purchased patents, including intellectual property developed by defunct portable device maker Palm.

Satellite radio service SiriusXM has updated its iOS app with support for CarPlay, offering an alternative to native dash interfaces, aftermarket receivers, or simply mounting an iPhone. Taylor Swift's new album "reputation" has appeared on Apple Music and Spotify internationally, nearly three weeks after release — with a U. New York City is not known for its peace and quiet, and downtown Brooklyn's Atlantic Terminal offers plenty of commotion both above and below ground.

It's for that reason that Apple's latest flagship retail store was designed to minimize those distractions, with custom made floors and ceilings that dampen street noise and even cut down on ground vibrations.

Apple has updated its roster of Apple Pay card issuers with close to 40 more U. In Hong Kong, meanwhile, the platform now has more card options for existing banks. Microsoft released its Edge mobile web browser for iOS on Thursday following a brief preview period, with the new browser aiming to provide Windows 10 users a 'continuous browsing experience' between their desktop and their iPhone or iPad.

New reports are circulating that the long-awaited Amazon Prime Video app for the Apple TV is being evaluated by Amazon employees — but several rumored release dates have come and gone, and neither Apple nor Amazon are saying anything about it. Apple announces that it won't accept app updates built with watchOS 1. Apple Price Guides updated December 3rd. Never miss an update Sign Up.

Brydge Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Pro. Activist group occupies French Apple stores in protest of unpaid Irish taxes. Feature Apple's HomePod isn't about Siri, but rather the future of home audio. Apple to adopt speedy LCP circuit board tech across major product lines in Editorial Apple software sees disastrous, embarrassing week with iOS springboard crash, macOS root user security flaw.

New iOS bug causes some devices to crash on Dec. This week on AI: Galaxy Note 8 video quality. Updating to latest macOS Exclusive Lowest price anywhere: Apple's 13" MacBook Pro 2. Apple retail workers help save Barred Owl that flew into Portland store window. Apple reminds developers Mac apps must support bit in Apple makes available sixth developer betas of iOS Exclusive Lowest Price Ever: Questionable rumor claims Apple 'considering' update to budget 9.

Apple's iPhone X vs. Samsung's Galaxy Note 8. Feature Apple's next NeXT: Taylor Swift's 'reputation' arrives on Apple Music, Spotify in international markets. Apple's downtown Brooklyn store has custom floors, ceiling to dampen bustling city distractions.

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