Stock price of silver. Live hour Silver Price Spot Chart from New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney. Silver Prices Updated Every Minute.

Stock price of silver

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Stock price of silver. Silver prices -- like the prices of other precious metals and commodities -- are subject to volatile price swings. For forecasts and analysis of silver prices and silver stocks, please refer to the videos and stories below. "Junk silver" -- a popular way to invest small amounts of money in silver -- is often priced by the melt value of.

Stock price of silver

Silver prices may be viewed for any date within the last 30 years in the interactive Silver prices chart below. Simply plug in custom dates or use the scroll bar to view Silver spot price movements for any date range. You can also hover your mouse over the chart to view spot Silver prices for each day. There are an unlimited number of components that influence Silver prices today. The price of Silver changes every few seconds and many factors play a role in Silver prices.

Some of the causes for fluxes in Silver prices include:. The price of Silver is always moving, partly because large entities and governments typically have substantial buying power and can impact Silver prices through supply and demand. If a government makes a large Silver purchase, the demand for that product could affect Silver markets immediately. Supply and demand determines prices for commodities, and Silver is no exception.

Silver prices have increased over the last few years and have become a profitable venture for many investors. For investors who buy and sell Silver regularly, staying current with fluctuations in the market is crucial to their financial success.

Tell us your target Silver spot price and we will send you an email or text message as soon as the market reaches your ideal price. Benefits of our Silver Price Market Alerts include:. To create your alert for Silver prices, simply create an account and receive all the benefits available to account members receive.

Opening an account is free and takes just a minute. The base price for unfabricated Silver is called the spot price of Silver. This price does not include the premium, which is a markup for fabrication, distribution, a small dealer fee and any numismatic or collector value. A snapshot in time, the spot price of Silver can be taken at different moments of the day in different locations around the world. As a result, the Silver index varies throughout the day.

To view the live price of Silver today, simply go to APMEX's easy-to-navigate Precious Metals price chart, which displays not only the live Silver price but also historical prices to help you strategize your next purchase. APMEX also provides an interactive graph for your research needs. Live Silver spot prices make it easy to plan your purchases to your advantage.

The spot price of Silver appears in all three measurements. Knowing these prices can help you make a better purchasing decision on your Silver bullion products.

The Silver spot prices in the Silver price chart are important because they help you make better decisions to enhance your investments. The higher the Silver spot prices, the more you will pay as a buyer of Silver bars , Silver coins and other Silver bullion products like 1 oz Silver Buffalo Rounds. On the other hand, a higher spot price per ounce is also a good thing if you are trying to sell Silver at the higher Silver oz price.

It doesn't matter whether you are buying Silver bars by the kilo or Silver coins by the ounce — the base price is the spot price for Silver. The overall price of your coin will change with the spot price, but Silver coin values also vary depending on factors such as mintage, scarcity and condition.

Whether they come from a private mint or a sovereign mint, Silver coin values will differ. Coins and bullion make great opportunities to grow the value of your collection. The price of Silver fluctuates daily based on the market price. APMEX has live Silver spot price charts to give you the up-to-the-minute information you need to optimize your buying power.

You can also see the price of Silver per gram and per kilo. The Silver prices today per ounce take many factors into consideration. The baseline price for unfabricated Silver is called the Silver spot price. To that price, costs for fabrication, distribution, a nominal dealer fee and any numismatic or collector value is added — giving you the total price buyers pay. But what affects the 1 oz Silver value spot price?

Throughout time, the value of one ounce of Silver has been higher than many other metals because of its many uses, as detailed in our article on Silver uses. The value of an ounce of Silver price has been enhanced by medical, industrial and decorative uses. Because Silver is so malleable yet strong, it can be flattened and stretched in ways that make it perfect for industrial uses.

Its antibacterial properties add to the value of one ounce of Silver because it was used in medicine for thousands of years. Silver use in jewelry also increases demand and the 1 oz Silver value. Finally, economic downturns and the value of the U. Typically when the dollar and other investments falter, the Silver prices today per ounce go up. Looking at the Silver price chart, you will see the spot Silver price hit its lowest point in the past five years on Dec. You can check out the price trends of Gold , Platinum and Palladium , too.

For the highest Silver spot price, check out our Silver prices chart. The price of Silver per oz was at its highest in the past five years on Oct.

Find the lowest Silver price per ounce in the past 10 years in our Silver prices chart. An ounce of Silver price was at a year low on Oct. You can check out the price trends of Gold, Platinum and Palladium, too.

Over the past 10 years, the ounce of Silver price was highest on April 29, at Whether you need information about current or historical Silver prices, APMEX's easy-to-read graph will keep you up to date regarding today's Silver prices. Simply click on the Silver chart to view the current spot price or use the interactive historical Silver chart to gauge where Silver is trending.

Silver prices today at any given moment are the same no matter where you buy in the world. This is a good thing.

If live Silver prices weren't the same around the world, there would be an opportunity for arbitrage, when traders simultaneously buy and sell Silver in different markets to take advantage of the differentials of the spot Silver price or premium Silver price. Live Silver prices always reflect Silver traded in U. In local markets, the Silver price today in USD is simply converted to the local currency to reflect the price for 1 troy ounce of 0.

The base troy ounce Silver price is used when determining what is the price of Silver bullion like Silver American Eagles and Silver Buffalo Rounds, as well as collectible vintage coins that have high numismatic Silver value. When you look at our Silver prices chart, you will see a daily snapshot of Silver prices. We, like other dealers, decide on a daily determination of Silver prices and there is no closing Silver spot price like there is a closing stock price. Silver prices today are affected by the global nature of the trade of Silver.

This base line price is referred to as the spot price of Silver and is dependent on supply and demand for Silver worldwide. When you look at the Silver price history, the price of Silver per oz goes up when demand is high and supply is low.

Current Silver prices can also be affected by inflation, fluctuations in currencies and changes in interest rates and deficits. The 1 oz Silver quotes are always originally in U. If necessary, the Silver prices per ounce are converted to local currency. Sometimes, too, instead of a troy ounce Silver price, you will see the Silver gram price or Silver kilogram price.

Both of these would be converted from the USD price of Silver per oz. We offer Silver bullion in many forms, from Silver American Eagles to 10 oz Silver bars to bags of junk Silver coins worth far beyond their face value.

The spot price of Silver is the Silver price per ounce in raw form. No one can buy or sell Silver at the Silver spot price because traded Silver price rates must include the price of fabrication, distribution and a minimal dealer fee, plus any numismatic or collector value. The premium price for Silver bullion is most often seen as the best choice by those who buy Silver as part of their investment portfolio because the premium is often the lowest.

Others look to Silver coin prices that can include a higher premium Silver value if the Silver coins have a numismatic value, or a collectible value of Silver. The Silver value per ounce goes up when these vintage Silver coins are scarce, in high demand or valued for their artistic beauty or historical significance. Some favorite collectible Silver coins with a higher value of Silver per ounce include Silver Dollar Coins and a variety of vintage nickels. Numismatic Silver value means that coins are worth more and therefore have a higher premium value of Silver.

The higher premium value of Silver coins often is related to the rarity and beauty of the coins: Do they hold historical significance or artistic Silver value? When browsing the Silver price chart, you will see the spot price Silver rate, or base price.

To calculate the premium 1 oz Silver value, dealers add costs of fabrication, distribution and a nominal dealer markup, as well as any numismatic Silver value. This added cost will be the premium price of Silver you pay. When looking at the current price of Silver and deciding what to buy, you will want to determine if you want Silver bullion, like 1 oz Silver Rounds , only for its raw Silver value, or if you also want to invest in Silver coins such as vintage Silver Liberty Seated Dollar Coins that have higher numismatic value.

No one can buy Silver at the spot price Silver rate. The spot price Silver rate represents the price of Silver today in its basic form before fabrication. The Silver prices per ounce you pay also include costs of distribution, a small dealer markup and any numismatic or collector value of Silver for rare coins that hold additional historic or artistic Silver value. The value of Silver bars is usually the lowest Silver price per ounce, making Silver bars and other Silver bullion often the choice of those who are building an investment portfolio.

Vintage minted Silver coin prices are often higher and harder to determine because the premium Silver price depends on the quality and rarity of the coins, the mint where the coins were produced and the popularity of the coins with collectors.

As a result, premium Silver value per ounce is much higher for highly sought after Silver coins than for Silver bullion without numismatic Silver value per ounce.

This can help you determine your buying power. Governments around the world mint sovereign Silver bullion coins that carry a face value when in circulation. These popular coins also often have numismatic, or collector, Silver value per ounce, which means the Silver price typically exceeds the face value.

Mint started producing coins in and has since minted coinage with numismatic appeal, resulting in higher Silver prices for these collectible vintage coins. In , Silver prices started to increase and the U. As the value of Silver per ounce went up, people hoarded the older coins and today these coins, if they have no collector Silver value, are often sold as junk Silver.

While called "junk," these coins are valuable to investors because of the high Silver content and value of Silver per ounce, which is higher than the face value of the Silver coins.

This is borne out by looking at historical Silver prices.


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