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Steve razinski scam

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Steve razinski scam. Secure Job Position: Another Link Posting Scam. By: Steve RazinskiJune 8th, 5 Comments. Post Pic. Quick Summary of Secure Job Position. Rating: 1.

Steve razinski scam

A few emails have come in lately asking me to check out GoFreelance. They are targetting people who are looking to start work at home careers. For a full-time freelancer or someone looking to break into the business this could very well be worth it, right?

With the right skills, you can even make over a million dollars a year. I am pulling this text directly off of their site. Just for fun, here are the estimated annual salaries that GoFreelance claims you can make doing these jobs. Finally, I want to point out a paragraph from an article that the owner of GoFreelance has written for the site.

Legitimate work from home data entry jobs pay minimum wage, or a little above. If a company had that much data entry to be done, they would hire a full-time on-site employee. There's only ONE program I really recommend. Click here for the exact formula I followed. I really appreciate this site. I am about to sign up the 7 day trial but they require a paypal account. Gofreelance is absolutley a scam website, I give some of the real genuine websites does not need any money from US. As someone who has actively promoted job sites, all of which are free, I can say from experience that Go Freelance looks slick but they are bogus.

Forget the fact that there is no need to pay for browsing for legit jobs online, the freelance jobs offered within Go Freelance are nothing better than your average work at home scams. Do not give them you money…. GoFreelance used to send me emails all the time for their 7 day trial. Esp if you have a checking account linked to PayPal. It may be best just to add funds when necessary. Otherwise, bastards like GoFreelance pretty much still have access to your bank. I tried to cancel my Go Freelance account within the 7 day period, but when I tried the link they provided in order to cancel, it was a dead end.

Then they claimed, well you agreed to the terms. They provided false information. Therefore any contract is void. Thanks guys but no trust on these things.

Do you know any website that offers online jobs for reasonable payment? I signed up for paypal but they still require to confirm my credit card number before paying in. I just want to know if paypal is for real.

Im afraid because I post all the information about my 2 credit cards there. I have been US for 2 years,I really want to find a job ,this is why I believe what they said too easier. I am not totally stupid,before I will sign up ,I found u. Thanks a lot Steve, I nearly paid for the 7 day trial, but when I was asked to enter my card info, I waited and found you..

Thanks for saving my time and money… Good Luck. I posted an update a long time ago: So Steve, What have you found?? Are you neglecting you own article here?? We are curious… How long should we stay tuned? Thanks for the info, I almost signup but I thought it was too good to be true. Never got paid, they said every one of my reviews was wrong, not one was correct..

They intentionally put few jobs for thousand prospective job seekers so how do get a job? There are plenty of good freelance websites out there. There are some other ones that are good as well, like oDesk and eLance. Steve, It is a load of bull. I get their newsletter everyday multiple times a day. Did you have any problems cancelling? I was stupid enough to sign up for it twice. It had been years ago when I first signed up with them.

Although, some of the employers ask you to contact them using their email address which is listed with the job description. I did get an online job at one of the sites. The other was another scam.

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