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Etoro trading strategy

eToro My strategy to making money 8000$ per month

Etoro trading strategy. But what should you look for when searching for traders? Well below I've put together the exact strategy I use to find traders to invest in. Experience. The first thing I want to see in an eToro trader before I copy, is history on the platform. In i'm only copy trading people who have spent at least 12 months.

Etoro trading strategy

I wanted to put together this guide to show that it really is possible to earn income on etoro. So you can see exactly what trades the professionals are making — all in realtime. You can invest in currency forex , Stocks like apple, google etc , Commodities silver, gold, oil etc. Personally I invest mostly in currency and I copy trade other investors who do the same. But I also hold a couple of stocks as well.

It takes years of practice and a strong understanding of both technical and fundamental economics. All you have to do is pick the right traders. Make sure you follow these steps. Open a new account with etoro using this link. This will give you enough cash to absorb any dips and still give you decent returns.

I think this is great news. Sit back and wait. Patience is the key. Some traders will only open 1 or 2 trades each week. Some will open lots. The important thing is to not get impatient and start messing about. Come back to this list and copy the new traders.

Update — Looks like eToro is holding a promotion. You can find out details of the deposit bonus here. A unique feature of etoro is the stocks feature. I choose to keep a portion of my portfolio invested in etoro stocks. July 26, at February 7, at 5: Investing in stocks, does this mean you have to trade it or just simply wait for the value to appreciate?

February 12, at 5: There is plenty of profit to made using this method. February 24, at 7: March 8, at 1: March 11, at April 13, at May 4, at If 10 copiers start copying you then yes.

June 9, at 2: Thank you for your experience, very interesting to see how you make money with etoro. July 4, at 5: July 9, at 2: Hi,thanks for ur exprience,im. Do i need to put more deposit just to copy more traders? August 15, at 1: That might be enough to begin with. Test it out, see how it goes and then try expanding one trader at a time. January 21, at 2: Hi, I believe eToro is the best platform to beginners. Copytrader is great but be careful choosing the right trader.

I have written down couple of ways to make money on eToro at http: March 8, at 4: March 7, at 2: March 7, at 5: Obviously this will compound as well. May 25, at 4: Hi, I am copying someone on Etoro. It does show profit in there but do i need to close the trade to get the profit? May 26, at 5: The trader you are copying will close the trade. It is possible to manually close individual trades, but the trader may be waiting to see the profit increase even more.

September 12, at 5: May 27, at I am a researcher at Rotterdam School of Management trying to advance the literature on social trading platforms. I am in need for respondents for my survey. It would be amazing if you could fill out my survey and if possible, also share my survey link on etoro. June 17, at And I found some strange issues.

When you hold a stock or the FX money into your portfolio, you can sell it anytime you see the benefit is made as the manual trading. How could you make the loss if you can make the decision on when to sell? My guess was just clicking the wrong timing by 1. And I have all the possitive balances. The currency could be sold instantly. CFDs have some pending time and selling durations. Will it make the stock not to be sold smoothly for making money and cause the loss due to the rate change during the waiting duration?

June 20, at 1: There used to be — eToro used to process stock trades once a day, but that has now changed. July 11, at July 12, at 5: July 11, at 9: I never cease to be amazed with all the trading options that are coming out. So when you copy a trader does it just make proportionate trades? July 12, at Or would I have to stop copying them. July 13, at 8: The profits will be used to reinvest.

As time goes on, and as your profit grows, you can reduce the amount and transfer some back to your account — I do this just so that my portfolio stays in balance. August 2, at Thanks for the reply I understand now. Do you know if I use joining link above how much bonus etoro give to use? Would it also include a referral bonus for you and me e.

October 1, at 5: Anyone who is involved in trading knows that its mid to long term. A trader with good history track should be followed at least for year to give him a fair chance. October 3, at 5: Notify me of new posts by email. The Cash Diaries My experiments in passive income, trading and life. So What Exactly is eToro? Great read… Will use this guide and see how things work out from here.. Thanks for providing… Reply. There is plenty of profit to made using this method Reply.

Can name some expert traders you can recomend for coping Reply. Soltrade March 11, at Chirs April 13, at When traders start copying me, do i make money from the etoro or only what i trade.


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