Enforex reviews. Reviews of Enforex - Learn Spanish "I have been sending my students from Hong Kong to Enforex schools for a few years, and they always c ".

Enforex reviews

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Enforex reviews. Hi,I started learning Spanish last year and this summer I'm seriously considering doing a 6 week Spanish course. After weeks of research I'm about to book a course and.

Enforex reviews

Enforex offers Spanish study abroad opportunities for students looking to add to their Spanish skills overseas. As one of the world's most commonly spoken languages, the importance of learning the Spanish language is becoming greater with each passing day. Spanish is the official language in many countries throughout the world and plays an important role and international relations and business. Founded in , Enforex provides much needed language study abroad opportunities to students worldwide.

I am currently enrolled in a summer intensive course at Enforex, Salamanca and have been having an amazing experience!

I wanted to brush up on what Spanish I had learned in school and I have already learned way more than I thought I would.

The 'profesores' are very approachable, patient, and diligent. I really like that we solely speak Spanish in class because I feel I am really being immersed in the language.

However, while I am learning a lot, I will say that for a complete beginner even the first level may be difficult because they do not always go over the fundamentals. There are people young and old that come from all over the world to take classes here. It is amazing to be in a room of people that I normally would not have a language in common with and be able to communicate through Spanish. And it makes me so happy to be able to speak Spanish to people in the town and make friends here.

I did not participate in the housing they provide, so I cannot speak to it. But I would recommend both Enforex and Salamanca for anyone wanting to learn more Spanish, meet great people, and experience a bit of the Spanish culture.

One way this program may improve is by providing a class before A1 for students who have never taken Spanish before. That way they could learn basic grammar and fundamentals of Spanish before beginning A1.

Sorry for my English google translator. Enforex gave me all I wanted: Everything was good for me. That was my experience. And I am not a child. No creo que sin sus clases haya podido trabajar tan bien como lo logro hacer ahora.

I had a great time at this school and I learned a lot about Spanish literature. This course helped me get a good grade on my academic career. The teachers are excellent professionals eager to help you get the best results. A highly recommended course. Maybe they could improve the accommodation, so I hope that these contingencies were solved soon. Their websites boast that their teachers are all university educated and speaks multiple foreign languages, FALSE!

Most of the teachers do not, which is not a problem unless you are the in beginner's level like I was. None of the staff members did either, making inquiring about anything school related, accommodation, or even excursions very difficult. And their work ethic reflects their wages. I had a teacher that sat in her chair just talking to the students about their weekend, and when she's ask to spell anything out, she'll just pronounce it really slowly.

When you asked her to slow down the Spanish have a reputation for speaking fast , she'll yell at you and say that, "this is how Spanish people speak and if you were going to live here, you will have to catch up"!. Remember, this is a beginner's course and you are paying thousands of dollars to take lesson from this person.

When I complained about it, they just said they spoke to her and apologizes on her behalf. That's it, that's how much my thousands of dollars paid for. There are so many accredited language schools out there all over Spain that are much cheaper and much better in quality. They care more about showing the students a good time through the many planned repeated excursions than in quality learning. In response to your complaint and for the sake of clarity, both Enforex and don Quijote make every effort to hire only trained professionales in teaching Spanish as a second language.

We believe that proper education is fundumental to our students. However, we would like you to contact us and tell us about your experience so that we can take the proper actions regarding the professor and class that you are referring to.

Most Recent Program Reviews. University of California- Berkeley. An amazing experience in the summer intensive course! Viva Espagna y Enforex. A good course about the spanish culture. Response from Enforex Hello Missbea, In response to your complaint and for the sake of clarity, both Enforex and don Quijote make every effort to hire only trained professionales in teaching Spanish as a second language.

Best regards, Enforex and don Quijote team. By Enforex on May 22, Program Listings Program Type: Enforex - Learn Spanish in Madrid, Spain. Travel to Spain and perfect your understanding of the Spanish language, culture, history and literature with this program off Save to Wish List.

Learn Spanish in Salamanca at Enforex. The city of Salamanca is a melting pot of cultures that allows our students to immerse themselves deeply in their surrounding Enforex - Learn Spanish in Santo Domingo. Enforex - Learn Spanish in Havana, Cuba. Enforex - Learn Spanish in Sucre, Bolivia.

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