Data conversion strategy successful. The biggest challenge, however, is often how to successfully migrate legacy data into the new environment, due to the complexities involved in removing a legacy system and retaining the required business data. It is important to carefully plan the migration of the legacy data to the new environment. This article outlines a.

Data conversion strategy successful

Data Migration Best Practices

Data conversion strategy successful. Successful Data Migration: A Step-by-Step Process Data Warehousing Data Warehousing,Data Migration. As well as the tool-based approach, there is a seven-step process to execute a successful data migration: Accurately plan the integration strategy by identifying data anomalies up front.

Data conversion strategy successful

Historical data conversion is a crucial piece of an EMR implementation in the healthcare IT industry. Conversion of legacy data requires extensive planning and considerable resources for execution. Usually the same resources that are planning the implementation must be leveraged to assist with the actual conversion of data. Why should an organization allocate time and energy in converting clinical and business data during an EMR implementation? The top five reasons are:.

Provide comprehensive patient care. Assist with clinical decision support. Strengthen physician trust in the new system data and drive utilization and adoption of the new EMR system. To be able to successfully execute the conversion of data there are typically several organizational challenges that need to be addressed. Often, organizations never clearly define the scope of the conversion and underestimate the resource requirements for converting historical data. Yes, in a fantasy world it would be great to have every single data element converted for each patient record, but reality is something very different.

Here are some of the strategies that can be adopted in order to make historical data conversion a success for the implementation:. To find out more on how to plan and implement historical data conversion for EMR implementation please contact Impact Advisors here. You articulated this complicated process so clearly!! I will make sure to show this to my client as a conversion once they step into implementation planning!

Your email address will not be published. Roadmap to Successful Data Conversion. The top five reasons are: Here are some of the strategies that can be adopted in order to make historical data conversion a success for the implementation: Define the scope of the conversion in detail. Engage vendors early in the process. Assign a dedicated application resource to validate converted data and ensure there are no data integrity issues. Employ a rigorous testing plan. Validate the quality of the data in the legacy systems.

Ensure active participation of operational resources SMEs during the conversion process. Please enter all requred fields.

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