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Wf trading net

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Wf trading net. I just started to spam in the trading chat and to my surprise, what I thought were useless bits and pieces did generate a bit of interest. But.

Wf trading net

Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. You are about to report this user for violating the Code of Conduct in their conversations. Please let us know why you're taking this action. Gaming Talk about games other than Destiny. So I can't find my last trading post for some reason, so I will create another!

Comment Reply Start Topic. Sold a loki set on xbox one for p yesterday. I'm still awestruck as to how. This is a stick up! Give mes all yor platniums! Just wanted to know if it's hard to only get platinum through trading and not buying it. I'm trying my best not to spend any money on this game but I really want some platinum. Frost prime sets are fun to sell. Edited by Russian refugee: Hi guys, I'm not looking to make a fortune, I'm happy selling a steady stream of affordable items to fund my Warframe Cosmetics addiction, so here are my prices.

How about putting this on the correct website where it belongs? There is a trading subforum on WF's forums you know. Plus the in game chat, and Maroo's area Posting on external areas makes you look like a beggar trying to sell water. Ash p chassis Might be looking to trade for Loki parts.

Just curious, what's the price on Frost prime? I was looking for him until I heard he was vaulted lol. Edited by Toland the Mad: Warframe is on ps4,x1,pc.

Want to buy Duel lamas prime handels Edit: I mean kamas but it was to funny to correct. Im on ps4 WTT prime parts to complete sets, i need Lol Also WTS prime parts and mods, have a lot so just ask if there's something you need, rhino or rare ones for 15p and unrare for 10p, mods vary. I have a few pieces I want to sell.

I'm not on the game right now, and when I get on I will post all I'm selling. Rhino Set is one of the things I'm selling. Wts Bolton stock 20p soma barrel 10p bo bp 8p vasto receiver 10p. Ash chassis 10p life strike 10p. Obo On ps4 same name as here. Edited by Admiral Fuoco: Edited by Vegan Superhero: Edited by Moist Omelette: Akbronco bp Braton bp Vectis bp Relatively new had that game for over a month. WTB a Girlfriend p. WTS vengeful revenant p Xbox one. I am over the age of AGE.


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