Reverse calendar spread strategy. The reverse calendar spread strategy is not one that is employed too often, probably because the margin requirements for stock and index option traders are rather onerous. However, it does have a place in an option trader's arsenal, and can be an especially useful strategy with regard to futures options.

Reverse calendar spread strategy

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Reverse calendar spread strategy. In the previous articles, we had discussed how an investor can take advantage of the high volatility witnessed in the last few weeks on the Indian stock markets using the straddle purchase, reverse butterfly spread and strangle strategies. Capitalising On The Volatility Using The Reverse Calendar Spread.

Reverse calendar spread strategy

While I am a big proponent of many options strategies, and I try to know them all, one of my favorite trades to make is the neutral calendar spread using weekly options. Generally, I do not like to trade weekly options when I am bullish or bearish on a stock.

However, they have opened up many doors that have been previously unavailable. For more information on those trades, please see these links here and here that I wrote on Seeking Alpha. The "neutral calendar spread" is a strategy that should immediately peak your interest using weekly options. If you are looking for a higher return on investment using any other debit or credit spreads, you will not find one.

There are several important factors, however, when choosing to place this trade, which I will go into extensively. In this article, I would like to explain to you how I prefer to use this strategy. Some may disagree with my method, but I will never complain about the results. This trade is extremely manageable and offers many "options" before expiration. I hope you will be able to understand this strategy and add it to your arsenal of options trades that will consistently provide weekly income for you if the following guidelines are followed:.

To accurately place the neutral calendar spread according to my strategy, you would do the following:. It should be noted that this can vary.

For example, we will assume that a Wal-Mart trade using a neutral calendar spread looks promising. As a hypothetical example, the date is April 2, Since there are weekly options and the expiration of the monthly strikes is about two weeks away, I could use the weekly and the April expiration. I do not need to use the May expiration, only the April strike price.

On the same hand, if the Date is April 17, , I would be forced to use the April weekly option and the May option. I would also like to point out that there is a difference between volatility and true-range.

To explain this, I want to mention a trade I made a couple of weeks ago:. GOOG neutral calendar spread using the weekly option as the sell-to-open order and the March as the buy-to-open order. Since I knew that March weekly sell to open strike price barely had two days left until expiration, I felt this was a high percentage trade. This appealed to me. I have always viewed expiration Friday as a day where many stocks, especially those that are heavily traded, find themselves in a tight range.

You can call it pinning, or whatever, but it happens all too frequently for someone not to notice this trend. As it turned out, it was an excellent trade. The profit was tremendous for the initial upfront investment. This is a great example of finding a trade that made sense. What I like to do every Tuesday is to spend an hour or two going through the list of weekly options available.

From there, I will go to my trade calculator and punch in different strike prices on each stock that I feel will work great for the week. Often, many just do not match up. The important thing is to be consistent in finding the trades that do make sense. Can it be tedious at times? Yet, I guarantee you that if you follow through with this practice every Tuesday of checking stocks or ETF with weekly options or the third Friday of the month , you will stumble upon a great trade.

It happens every single week. For the most part, I try to limit my neutral calendar spreads to about three or four per week. If there is a particular one that really grabs my attention as a great trade, then I will be more aggressive. One aspect about the neutral calendar spread that is extremely enticing is the ability to turn the trade into a bullish position immediately.

Since you are long on a call s option, with the forward month, if you see the trade on the weekly moving up too much for your liking, you can simply "buy to close" the weekly option. Because you have a lot of time value left with at-the-money strike call options, this type of situation can actually make more than originally planned.

This is a major benefit of this strategy: Sure, we would prefer to see time-decay benefit us on the sell to open weekly position. This will be the first part in a series of articles I will be writing on the neutral calendar spread strategy. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or e-mail me. I usually try to respond as soon as possible.

I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I will enter these trades on a weekly basis on Tuesday's.

I hope you will be able to understand this strategy and add it to your arsenal of options trades that will consistently provide weekly income for you if the following guidelines are followed: Try to use stocks that are heavily traded and non-volatile.

The stock must have weekly options available or when it is the third Friday of each month, which is options expiration. For a list of available weekly options, please see this link here. Place this trade on Tuesday afternoon preferably only an hour or two before the market closes for the weekly option. Avoid volatile stocks, such as Salesforce. The strike prices are aligned neutrally according to what the stock is currently trading at when the trade is placed.

This is extremely important. Quite simply, some trades just makes no sense. If one side the call or put option is biased towards one direction, it is not a good trade. There are too many other options available with the weekly options that it is time to move on and look for the better trade. So be careful here. Understand that the neutral calendar spread profits most when it is held just before expiration Friday.

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