Max trading system. The MAX Trading System. 2K likes. MAX is a highly effective trading system, reliable and profitable for all markets and all time frames. For more details.

Max trading system

MAX Trading System -- 07 Sept Trade Opportunities

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Max trading system

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Home Forum Help Login Register. I was googling but found no feedback. Very good but requires serious study.

Trying to tough it out through intuition is not the way with this one I'm afraid. Succeed and it's all you'll need. In case anybody is interested, the MAX people are holding a webinar this evening, Sat. October at 3pm NY time.

October 23, , This is for me the best trading system I have ever seen. I just regret not having known it before, even 1 or 2 years ago I can say I have spent a small fortune on many other courses, some good, many less good.

But applying them is less easy. They need a lot of practice in many different market conditions. They patiently answer all the questions during the training sessions, explaining many nuances depending on the market conditions.

They spend a lot of time to grade them in a very detailed way. That point alone is really invaluable. It's a great opportunity to learn additional nuances and tips. This is also a place to post our trades to have them commented and to have our errors pinpointed.

Actively participating is also a fantastic way to progress and improve our trading skills with the MAX. Moreover, the forum contains a lot of video excerpts from training courses, application rooms, or scrolling parties, focusing on a special point.

During such a scrolling party, past movements are handled with the Strategy Tester of MT4, tick by tick or bar by bar. The attendees are invited to give their decisions, then comments are made by Chris or one of the instructors.

This is an other great way to go one step further in the MAX understanding and mastering. This is my experience with the MAX. It requires a lot of work, but it's definitively worthwile. Hello again, The previous post with my MAX experience was a rather long one and I have forgotten one point: If I can help, it will be with pleasure. From what I've seen of the MAX it's definitely one of the best systems out there. Doesn't seem to get a lot of publicity because it takes a lot of work to learn.

Most of the people on this forum seem to prefer the promise of easy-money EAs and 'magic' arrow systems! I'm gearing myself for some serious study and I'm planning to do the MAX Standard course later in the spring. I assume from your post that you are trading the system profitably? Can you share with us how many pips per day you're getting? Never enter the trade when there are either: This is a Dynamic methodology for every situation Scrolling through the past weeks to see the volatile pattern and it is not suitable for News and scalper trading.

High Accuracy with small stop loss. February 25, , If you are someone who does not like a bunch of indicators then Max might not be for you.. The charts do look at times like a cluster There is worth while material contained in the course and the instructors were very good. They will help you as much as you need or want.. They also expect you to hold up your end and do some homework time Bugs Bogart on August 12, , It's also worth mentioning that, while their system incorporates quite a number of indicators, these are mainly used for comfort and confirmation no magick arrows telling you when to trade!

Their emphasis is very much on price action, and learning to read this in minute detail. Overall, there is a huge amount of detailed instruction and trade simulation over the seven two-hour webinars, and every question gets answered.

I was also very pleased to find a big emphasis on risk management, sadly lacking elsewhere. It's hard work, though, and not for everybody certainly not the beginner , but If you can hack it and take the time to absorb all the material, it's all you'll ever need.

Their continuing education and support is also excellent, with regular weekend chart 'scrolling' sessions. It's not cheap either, but, in my opinion, having seen some of the expensive rubbish that is out there, it's the best value for money around at the moment.

Best Scalper by dasher [ Yesterday at Strategie for begginers by Eliza Abrams [ Yesterday at Whom did you want to be in childhood? List of brokers to avoid as a newbie; by indicator [ Yesterday at February 05, , April 07, , I was googling but found no feedback Logged Sorry for my bad english April 15, , Logged Sorry for my bad english January 22, , Luc Logged luc33x Newbie Posts: Luc Logged quintologer Full Member Posts: February 03, , February 13, , The only problem I find is they do not publish live forward statement to support their claims of how effective this system is.

They show me all kind of graph where they would have enter and exit with nice profit but when I ask for live statement, they said it is illegal for them to do that. Also, no one could make an EA on this which tells me that there is no fix rules for extry nor exit and probably a lot of gut feeling involved in making trades.

Too many red flag in this Logged runner Full Member Posts: July 28, , July 29, , August 12, , Logged quintologer Full Member Posts: August 13, , Donna's Blog Analysing trades:


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