Gold trade settlement system. Transforming the Precious Metals Market. Built on Paxos’ flagship blockchain settlement platform, Bankchain Precious Metals brings instant settlement and simultaneous delivery versus payment to the London bullion market. Many global exchanges and clearinghouses accept gold as.

Gold trade settlement system

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Gold trade settlement system. My guess is it will take Russia and China and the other BRICS nations most of to get all the nuances worked out and the gold trade settlement “First Deputy Chairman of Russia's Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov said Friday“, Russia and China are discussing a “single (system of) gold trade both within.

Gold trade settlement system

My guess is it will take Russia and China and the other BRICS nations most of to get all the nuances worked out and the gold trade settlement contracts will not actually come to the table until or possibly even We say this in light of what happened with the Shanghai Gold Exchange SGE bringing their gold settlement mechanism online back in April The SGE was suppose to bring this online in October but was unable to make it happen as they wished to avoid any major mishaps when launching.

The gold backed portion is still a little sketchy at this point as there has been no official announcement, no Chinese official discussing nor does any contract exist that is tied to the yuan backed oil contract.

Is this the reason for the two recent attempts at beating gold down the line? Neither attempt, in my opinion, was very successful except in the very, very short term as both attempts were greeted with equal amount of contracts on the acquiring side of the trade.

With this announcement hitting the wire on Friday November 24 it would make sense these recent smashes were the type of attempt to push even more people out of the gold market and into bitcoin as to keep them away from real, tangible money.

This also happens to coincide with the official gold holdings monthly announcement showing Russia, once again, increased her share of physical gold at the Russian Central Bank. Russia has made it very clear that the Federal Reserve Note is a threat to Russian sovereignty and the Russian economy. Russia has also made it crystal clear that she will be making moves away from the Federal Reserve Note, US dollar.

According to Shvetsov, the Bank of Russia has already signed a memorandum on development of bilateral gold trade with Chinese colleagues. Russia and China have been making subtle moves with gold over the past several years, and this announcement seems to be the next step in the evolving gold as money story. We will see gold come back to the table as trade settlement.

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