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Why our friends and families like or dislike forex

Why Friends and Family Don't Support Your Dreams

Why our friends and families like or dislike forex. Before, another word on the market is said, let me say my prayers go out to the innocent victims in Manchester last night. Author: Greg Michalowski | forex .. what is the parable of narcissus if it is not the 1st time a man discovers his ego and likes dislikes his own image to an eventual miserable end?

Why our friends and families like or dislike forex

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Please select a category to choose from: Here I am starting interesting discussion why our friends and families like or dislike Forex trading. My friends and family dislike forex because all the time I am siting in front of the computer, giving no time to family and do not take interest in home works. I can't meet with my friends also. I am facing this type of problem which give me stress and mentally disturbance and that also effect on my trading. I agree with you my friend , it is a big problem of many traders that they can't control their time while trading with forex , they may spend a lot of hours sitting only watching their charts and do nothing , so i think it is better to make some control in order not to lose many other things in life ,.

I agree with you most of our friends and families don't believe in investment on the internet because they think it's only a scam and don't think that there is a possibility to trade forex from home. Dear i don't really know about others but atleast in my case its totally different i mean my family has no idea or connection with forex i really doubt apart from my father anyone knows what forex exactly is so its really no chance of loving or hating it.

My friends dislikes forex because they can't earn some money all of time from forex and lose a lot of money ,some else of my frindes can't understanding forex so they can't like it , Other friends says " oh no i can't be forex man.. Some guys refuse the idea from the beginning, moreover they mock at the trader because he spend his time in front of monitors assuming he is making money, and this is a business like any other business, the only solution with such kind of people is to show them real trade journal which is making a reliable percentage of profit over a long duration, thereafter they will pant after you to teach them how to trade!

Most of our families see forex as a means of gambling and they prefer that we do regular jobs. Also the risk of loss involved in forex trading is what can make our families scared to allow us trade. Yes i have this problem with my family too , i thing Forex can make us spending all the day in front of screen trading on it or just making analysis , it is a wide world and we should control this issue before becoming risky and affect our life.

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