Managing forex accounts. The point is that trading the markets with a feeling of “need” results in you focusing most of your brain power on money and profits and much less of it on managing risk and mastering an effective Forex trading strategy like price action trading. A trader needs to be good at trading a small account before they.

Managing forex accounts

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Managing forex accounts

He has a monthly readership of , traders and has taught over 20, students. I know that most of you are coming into the Forex markets with relatively small trading accounts. I also know that you want to grow your trading accounts while losing as little money as possible. While this is not an easy goal to achieve, it can be done if you are willing to be disciplined and change the way you think about trading the markets.

To be honest with you, the size of your trading account has no bearing on whether or not you are a successful Forex trader. A successful Forex trader is not necessarily a full-time professional trader, this is a myth you need to forget about right now. You need to view success in the markets as a function of what is possible given the size of your trading account.

A trader needs to be good at trading a small account before they can move on to a larger account. I would even say that even if you do have a large sum of money to trade with, you should not fund your account with all of it until you have proved to yourself that you can make money on a smaller sum of money. Your focus should not be on turning a small account into lots and lots of money extremely quickly, this is simply not possible if you are managing your risk properly.

Instead, your focus should be on becoming a good trader, not on making money super fast. If you learn to trade the market successfully, the money will follow and attract itself to you in increasing amounts as time goes on.

You truly need to focus on the trading not on the money if you want to have a chance at keeping your emotions at bay and obtaining consistent trading success as a result. I am not criticizing anyone for asking such questions, as most beginners simply do not know what it takes to succeed in the markets and have probably been fed lies and rumors by other Forex websites that promise them the world but deliver little in the way of practical trading strategies and insight.

But, traders need to understand that in order to make consistent money in the markets they must first master a trading strategy like price action, build a trading plan around it, manage risk effectively and with discipline, and not stray from these primary tenants of successful trading, if you can do these things you will see your trading account will grow slow but consistently.

If you had a 1 million dollar trading account and had one or two big winners per month, you would be making substantial money, and you would have an impressively consistent track record.

You need to think about your current trading account as if it is a 1 million dollar account, because the principles that lead to consistently successful trading are the same. You are only feeling the emotion and urgency to trade now because your account is small and you want to make a lot of money really fast. But, unfortunately the path to make money in the markets is not paved by risking a lot and trading too much, but rather by taking a slow and calculated approach to your trading and never becoming emotional.

If you had a 1 million trading account, you would have no problem waiting for a pin bar strategy or fakey setup that sticks out like sore thumb on the charts, because you know you only need a few good trades a month to make your money. The very reason why most traders lose money is because they simply cannot see the forest for the trees, meaning they get caught up in the temptation to trade every day and over-leverage their accounts because they forget about or are unaware of the bigger picture of trading, which is that slow and steady wins the race, not fast and haphazard.

Many traders also get caught up in trying to analyze every piece of news data and all the forex indicators they can get their hands on. Adding such unnecessary variables to your trading analysis only works to keep you deeper in the realm of emotional trading and further away from understanding the bigger picture of what Forex trading success is all about.

Then, as you grow and progress as a trader and your track record becomes consistently profitable each month, you can proceed to trade larger sums of money. If you do not have access to more money you can look to an investor, friend, bank or prop firm for trading funds, I even fund some of my successful students from time to time if they have proven themselves to me.

So, if you have a small trading account right now, your primary goals to trade it successfully are to do the following things:. The more focus you put into the process of trading instead of making money and getting rich, the sooner the money that you desire will find its way into your trading account.

A forex trading plan is essential for succeeding long-term in the markets because it gives you an objective daily guide to follow and will lay out all your entry, exit, and money management strategies, so that you are not just trading on a whim every time you open up your charts. If you are looking for a backer to fund your trading, they are going to want to see hard evidence that you can trade consistently. They are not going to care that much about how much money you have in your account, if you are trading a real-money account and you can provide documents that show your discipline and consistency over a period of 3 months or more, you will not have trouble finding investors or institutions to fund you.

So, if nothing else, let this be the motivating force that you need to stop trading haphazardly and get disciplined. Finally, a few words on managing your money in a small account: Whatever you do, do not get greedy and trade too large or over-leverage on a smaller account, this is a common emotional trading mistake and it will kill your trading account faster than you think and greatly inhibit your chances of becoming a successful trader.

If you will just slow down and focus on trading like a sniper and not a machine gunner by learning to trade only the most obvious and confluent price action setups, you will be able to trade much more relaxed and care-free, this will help you greatly in your money management. I will not go into my personal Forex money management theory to deeply right now, because I have written about it in other articles, one of which I suggest you read when you finish this one: But, basically, you should never risk more money per trade than you are TRULY OK with losing, because you COULD lose on ANY trade, let the be your guiding principle before you enter any trade, because if you really accept this statement you will not ever risk more than you are comfortable with losing.

If you are serious about trading your small account successfully and having a chance to take your trading to the next level, you will need to use the insight I have provided in this trading lesson and really try to make a shift in the way you think about trading. I cannot force you to manage your money correctly, master price action trading , or remain disciplined over a long period of time, but if you are truly serious about having a career in trading, you will have to dig deep within yourself and muster up the motivation to do these things and forge the proper trading habits.

This the best site i have ever come across, Nial thank you. I had been struggling with loses after loses but after reading this my attitude towards trading has shifted from making money to trading the market.

Hi,Thank you for your advice and Trading tips of which they will help me because i am new in Trading. My question is that Can i trade with any amount of money when starting to Trade or is there a specific amount of money which a new Trader can start with. I actually started to trade the way u describe in ur article before i even read ur article but now after reading ur article im actually feeling confident that im heading in the right direction.

You are the 3rd forex training provider I have tried. Oh boy, I wish you had been the first! You make it so clear and simple and without the BS. Thank you so much for choosing to help us beginners and doing it with such sincerity, ability and clarity: How I wish I found you earlier, I wound not have wasted my money like that.

I was forced to lose the remaining cent left. Since then I decide to read more, since I have discovered my mistakes since I found you Nial. I was trading to make money but lost the little I have in the process.

Thanks in a million Nial. Thank you so much… This is what I needed. Took the last 6 months off of trading to clear my mind and think of a better approach. Thank you for the insight. Displine, proper risk management are the root to distiction. Thx Nail, after read this artical, i promise myself i will show n proven tangible evidence for myself. I am new with Nial and have been reading his articles and strategies for about a month.

I think it is finally sinking in. I need a strategy that I can work with consistently over time. Three months from now I will have a track record. This is an excellent article for anyone starting to trade forex. Believe me I have the t-shirt for over trading and not following my ttrading method and I have blown numerous accounts not because I dont trade well but because I get greedy and jump into trades that does not meet my trading requirements and I end up staying in them because I am so gutted with myself for taking them in the 1st place when they turn out to be losers.

This has happened to me time and time again and I notice now it is because of the mindset I have adopted to trading and I am to focused on making money with a small account that I am letting good trades slip away from me.

To any new trader starting out in trading, having a trading method is all well and good but if you dont have the patience and discipline to follow it with laser sharp accuracy and patience then you will not succeed as a trader. Starting out I was always told patience and discipline is an extremely important aspect in trading the markets and even though I know it I still go against it and I end up being the loser over and over. But after reading this post I think I have a better grasp on the whole concept of what it takes to be a successful trader and that its not how much money you have in your account but how much successful trades and how good your risk reward is on a trade.

Good Luck guys and a lesson to myself 1st before everyone else is patience and discipline is just as important as a good trading method. I will be reading this post again and ingraing it in my brain. Thanks for this great article in fact this is really going to change my trading patterns and surely lead me to becoming a successful professional trader. Seems like you have been watching what I have been doing for the last 4 months. I need discipline and patience.

Not just jump in trade. Keep what i make instead of giving it back. Has been my problem for the last 4 months. Simple but wisely as always. The serial article which made me feel touched. My lesson from this one is to remember what needs to be managed first-myself. Pay my respects to you and your team. Merry Christmas to you guys and to our community and may we all have a happy and a prosper new year.

I have stepped back for a few months to reverse a losing mind set and to get serious as to what it takes to succeed with a winning mind set. My desire is to trade the market successfully, this is my foundation. A question for you Nial: Apart from price action, what other strategy can one have in his arsenal, or can one get all one wants from price action strategy alone?

Another thought provoking, direct and well thought out write up as usual. Just as with thousand others, I have a small trading account and while I never risk more than 1 per cent which I can conveniently afford to lose of my account on any trade, I have missed out on a lot of good trades out of FEAR!

I am thus focusing on mastering price action strategy and trading plan development and hope this will help beef up my confidence.

This article came at the perfect time — right when I am about to fund my very first account. Well done, and thanks. Thanks Nial — great timing! I have funds to increase my account with but for all the reasons you state am keeping it small until my consistency is right.

Your lesson here has put me back on track. Many thanks and merry Christmas. Thanks nial, focus donny on the method. In the last year since I joined the ltttm community I have learned heaps. I can say that I have experienced a lot of the emotions you speak of. His educational articles are brilliant! I have tiny account and am very happy to trade micro for a long while yet. I look forward to join your membership side in soon furure.


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