Xforex scam or not. When I said I would not be doing this, they gave me the option of transferring money to someone with a greek name through western union. I disconnected the call then decided to look online for reviews of XFOREX and believe me, it wasnt pretty. I am closing my account now. Thank god I didn't invest any.

Xforex scam or not

FBI: All Platform Trading is a Fraudulent Scam

Xforex scam or not. They are scammers, if not outright thieves. On one occasion my account manager rang me to offer training and some tips. She showed me how to place a trade, set stops and limits and guided me through one transaction. As soon as the call was over, I closed the trade and only lost the spread. Next week I.

Xforex scam or not

Hi guys, I am amazed that there is so much online stuff about how fraudulent this company is! I was signing up for another product through a website and was asked if I wanted financial advice about trading stocks so I clicked yes. Within a day someone called me and kept on bugging me through out! I then told them I would get paid at the end of Jan and they called me back around then. At that time I was busy and asked for a call back at another time.

I was called today and it all seemed a bit dodgy to me. They asked me to transfer money from my credit card or debit card to the online trading account then told me that they require a paper photocopy of the back and front of my credit card!!

When I said I would not be doing this, they gave me the option of transferring money to someone with a greek name through western union. I am closing my account now. Thank god I didn't invest any money! That happened to me too when I tried to withdraw my money after several months of active trading.

Be free to contact me: That happened to me too when I tried to pull my money back after several months of active trading. The only thing that you can do here is to prosecute in the court of international law!

I opened an account and earned seventy USD on my first trade. All documents were correct. Imagine a sserious amount. After two weeks of correspondence they said they would send me my funds. Voice of the Tomb. The issues were resolved amicably in the end and we reached a settlement which was satisfactory to both parties. Therefore I have to say that what I said on my earlier post does not apply - Hemang.

Every company that transfers money to a bank account has to have the proof of existance of the person that is claiming the money. Paypal also asks your copy of the id and utility bill and credit card.

This is actually required by the international anti moneylaundering law. A company that doest require that is actually the frauder. And I withdrew succesfully allready more than I deposited. I wanted to withdrawal and I did it successfully in 3 days. If they were a fraud I couldn't see the money. I still trade with them succefully. They helped me a lot. Thanks to them, Cecile. I decided to take off xForex pomotional banners frommy site. Fortunately, I never introduced them a client, My pages in my websites www.

And the complaints written by Cecile up top is written by one of the employees. They dont tell you that you are actually playing against them! So when you lose, they win. There is actual market!

They are their own market. Thats why I still have not seen my money returned to my account. And yes, I have sent all the paperwork and documents. Not only do they trade against you they often will move prices more than the official quote. Their software is incredibly buggy and has failed every time I have made trades. Their entire website has failed because of the bugs on several occasions. They almost refuse to admit that there is a problem with this at all.

My advice, and opinion, to anyone who is thinking of using Xforex is to NOT use it. Find a better company, one that is regulated in some way, or is in your country. Their system would be good if it worked, but they prefer to protect themselves with 'company policies' than to fix it.

I hope i can get it back. If there are any people from xforex, read this: I want to get my deposit back. If there is no action or response from xforex. I will make sure everyone in the web knows about my problem. We have light at the end of the tunnel regarding the continuous fraud, and might actually get your money back.

As the site indicate, "Your request for withdrawal is being processed and will be carried out within days assuming all required documents have been sent. To my surprise the email could not be delivered and the phone number has been busy all the time. I will report what happens next. I also got the same message as you. However, I tried online chat and received the information below see quoted conversation below. I also called this number and I spoke with someone that says the same thing.

In compliance with International Statues in identity theft and money laundering, Sam: I am required to inform you of our validation procedure. To complete the validation process, you are to supply us with the following: Photo ID means a clear and legible photocopy of your passport where relevant. Proof of address means a recent utility bill clearly displaying the name and address that you supplied in your account information.

I was also told to erase the first 12 numbers on the front scan of the credit card and the CVV number on the back Sam: A Credit Card without a signature will not be approved Sam: You can send scanned copies of your documents to us by email at: I tried the same and finally got hold of them. After several days, I got my credit card report showing the money was not withdrawn. Hey dont u know xforex will be available in singapore ohh how truly wonderful its my next door neighbor.

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Irish Lottery United Kingdom 15 gbp in irish promo uk Crazy 8 15 rude disrespectful workers. Kate Spade 11 ridiculous! Latest Questions Elaine batten. Fraud on my accpunt. Complaints Board posted my complaint to wrong company - should be Camden Legal Group. Today's Mess-Up Photo What is this? Was the above complaint useful? Xforex - Victim of Xforex [2]. Xforex - Fraud [1]. Biz - site not opening [9]. Xforex - not returning my money [4]. Xforex - Money didnt receive [1]. Xforex Trading - Cheating [2].

Outy and out forex scam. Voice of the Tomb Reply Reply. An update from my previous post, the customer care of the company on dealt with the dispute in a professional manner in due course, further to me employing a 3rd party professional to discuss the dispute with them.

I only have to thanks, to this site. Total Scam based in Israel with no license or regulatory oversight. While I do not think that XForex is trying to be intentionally terrible in any way I definitely think that they are a terrible forex company. I have just requested for a withdrawal of my deposit.


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