Vermont forex trader. CMS Forex UK unveils the next edition of its advanced Forex trading platform, VT Trader™ Our.

Vermont forex trader

Lesson 1 - What is Forex and how does It work?

Vermont forex trader. UK is not currently accepting account applications from residents of the People's Republic of China and Nigeria. Governmental restrictions and our policies prohibit us from opening accounts from the following restricted OFAC sanctioned countries: Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

Vermont forex trader

In the chat room we will be focusing on mastering a day trading strategy called VT Virginal Touch that tries to replicate the day trading methods of interbank dealers. The strategy has general rules, but they are not sacrosanct and can be adjusted on the fly in response to changing market conditions, but the foundational thesis behind the strategy is that there must be at least 50 points of movement in a given currency before any trade can take place.

A basic summary is in this video. Any day trading strategy is very sensitive to spread. In order for VT to work well it need to see spreads of 0. If you are trading on spreads of 1 to 2 pips your experience will be much more challenging. We do not recommend brokers.

For VT trades the official rates and trades are done on Oanda spot platform which is inferior to FXCM and therefore assures that most traders can match its experience. Interactive Brokers are available globally but their FX offering has minimum trade size of 25, units or more. Here is a list to review https: The success of the VT trade depends on varying the size of the trade as probabilities change.

What are the two ways to make money with VT Trade? Leverage can be achieved two ways when you are trading. The standard way is to use credit from your broker to size up your position. The non standard way to achieve leverage is through turnover.

For example the same 10K of capital traded 10 times during the course of the day is the same as using K of capital. Using standard leverage model to trade VT we recommend between 5X to 10X leverage.

In other words on a 10K account each VT trade can be between 50, but no more than , units in size. This is what we trade in the BK Chat room and in order to do this properly trader must make their opening trade size unlevered.

That means that on a 10K account the opening size of the trade will be 10, units. We do this because we will enter many more trades and may occasionally increase size to as much 7X or 10X lever factor on the third repair trade. That is why starting the trade at small size is key to both survival and success. How many trades does VT do per day? Between 5 and 20 trades depending on how volatile the markets are. Only amateurs look at pips. Professionals looks at returns. The focus in the room will be on day trading and mastering VT in order to acquire the skills to extract consistent returns from the forex market.

To that end any discussion of other strategies takes away from that goal. If you want to get the full BK experience please join here.

The best way is scroll up in Windows or Mac application for desktop rather than using the mobile version for the task. Where can I contact you for help? What will the chat room be about? A basic summary is in this video What is the most important thing I need to know about VT? What broker should I use for tight spreads? How many pips does VT make? Will we trade anything else in the chat room? I am not sure. We really like the technology and may incorporate it into BK at some point.

VT is just too fluid to be traded systematically How do I see the past chats in Telegram? Username Password Remember Me Lost your password?


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