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Russian forex expo

17 международная выставка FOREX EXPO 2014

Russian forex expo. Kiev (Ukraine), - In recent years, Kiev has become not only the leading industrial center of Ukraine, but also the heart of its financial system. Both Russian and European financial organizations function successfully in Kiev, offering the widest range of services on the local market.

Russian forex expo

The annual event once again brought together a great number of guests and participants who came to Moscow looking to share their experience and expertise with colleagues and partners. The audience had an opportunity for direct communication with leading financial experts and currency market analysts, who gladly answered all the questions. A well-known author and business coach, Nikolay Mrochkovsky, appeared as a special guest of the conference. He introduced the event participants to the theory of financial sustainability axis formation and also shared a few secrets about building up capital through real estate projects.

In the end, conference guests did not only get professional advice in forex trading but could also benefit from special bonuses offered by brokers and start trading on their own. The ShowFx World conference ended with the traditional raffle of valuable prizes and bonuses. The conference organizers would like to express their thanks to all guests and partners for active involvement and invite anyone interested to attend the next ShowFx World event.

ShowFx World is a well-established brand unifying high grade of special events arrangement and recognition of modern Forex community. Topical events held in the major financial centers of Europe and Asia caught fancy of currency trading professionals all over the world. ShowFx World permanently expands the borders of exhibition geography. Today they stretch for thousands of kilometers from Moscow to Singapore. Furthermore, Moscow is an obligatory city for running meetings of financial market participants.

Moscow is the biggest financial center of Russia where the most economic development of the country takes place. The most part of banks and leading Russian companies is located in the capital city with their head offices and branches, and manufacturing arranged outside the city limits.

Manufacturing is well developed in Moscow together with tourism, wholesale and retail trade and other economic segments. The budget of Russian capital city is comparable with one of neighboring countries putting it to the major metropolises list in the world. Dynamically improving tourism and wide range of transport services coupled with high technology communication sector create favorable conditions for launching private business.

Prospects for ruble on the international market. Interview with speakers at the Conference in Moscow. How an investor can survive the crisis and remain with a profit? Interview with Nikolay Morochkovsky.

Interview with ForexMart representative. Inna Glazunova - Customer Support Manager. Moscow 12 march, Moscow 11 april, Moscow 22 march, Moscow 08 september, Moscow 11 november, Moscow 18 september, For more details about participation in the exhibition seminar , please, feel free to contact us by email support showfxworld.

Head of AMarkets Analysys Department. Analyst of the Forex Club Group of Companies. The basics of financial management.

Amanjol Rysmendiev at the conference in Almaty.


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