Forex growth bot user review. This need to keep an eye on the markets is what has led to the explosive growth of forex trading robots, with Forex Growth Bot being one of the most recent to hit the shelves. These 'robots' perform the research, analysis and execution of trades without the need for human intervention, thereby allowing you, the user to get on.

Forex growth bot user review

Forex Growth Bot Review - A Low Risk Forex Trading Bot

Forex growth bot user review. The Forex Growth Bot is something that you'll really just have to try out if you want to see if it works or not. Think about it this way: If you use it and it works, are you going to come back online and tell the world about it? Probably not. So the absence of positive reviews from unbiased third-party users is no indication that it.

Forex growth bot user review

The creator of this expert advisor is Eugene Lipinsky who is a Russian mathematician. If you purchase this tool then you must next download the software onto your own MT4 trading platform. After optimizing a limited number of key parameters, the expert advisor will be then set to commence trading continuously without further intervention by you. Specifically, this robot will search for quality entry and exit points for new trading opportunities presenting the optimum reward-to-risk ratio.

The software design is structured on over eight years of algorithmic trading data which it deployed to forecast the future directional price movements of currency pairs. A powerful money management strategy is also incorporated into this robot in order to protect your trading capital from excessive levels of risk. This tool is simple to install and operate. In addition, a demo facility is provided to assist you in confirming the operational performance of this device before you risk any of your own equity.

The success of the Forex Growth Bot has been primarily attributed to the market date it selects to use during different trading conditions and how the ways that it explicitly utilizes this information. Although the above marketing claims are quite enticing, how do they really measure up under live conditions?

The subsequent results and analysis are presented in order to answer this key query. The results from a sequence of tests, that have recently been performed, are now detailed in the following table. In addition, the average values are displayed in the rightmost column.

A procedure is now needed to help you in ascertain if the Forex Growth Bot is a viable option. This objective can be achieved by determining its win-to-loss ratio, expectancy value and reward-to-risk ratio.

These key performance parameters are now calculated for this expert advisor using the average values listed in the above table. A thorough internet investigation did not unearth any serious negative comments or reviews about the Forex Growth Bot. However, no positive statements or recommendations were discovered either.

Although this expert advisor produced relatively good performance parameters, there are a number of worrying aspects about the results generated. As the test data used to determine these parameters was amassed over a number of months, the weak EV does not ensure that the Forex Growth Bot will create constant future profits over identical time-frames The primary worry is that this robot may not be able to handle freakish or unusual conditions resulting in additional losses. However, if the Forex Growth Bot still appeals to you, then your optimum way forward may be to initiate our advised plan of action as your next move.

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