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Aussie reviews

Ozzy Man Reviews: When Animals Fight Back #3

Aussie reviews. Me commentary on a few cheeky animals.

Aussie reviews

This is why my family has hunted them for thousands of years. Anton is a reluctant ghost hunter. He and his father are a two-man team, carrying out their family legacy. Coupled with the appearance in his life of Rani, a fellow ghost hunter, recently arrived from England, and Anton suddenly as a lot on his hands. Gap Year in Ghost Town is a high-action spec-fic novel set in contemporary Melbourne.

This setting is a departure for author Michael Pryor, whose previous work has been set in the past or in steam-punk versions of it, or fictional places. The novelty of a ghost story set in the contemporary world is appealing, and Melbourne, for those who know it, is an apt choice, with the ghosts inhabiting both well known landmarks and lesser known buildings.

Anton is a likable, believable narrator, who is self-deprecating but also self-aware, knowing his strengths and sharing his fears. The ghosts and the plot that surrounds them are intirguing, and readers will left hoping that there are further adventures to come. Sloth ate very, very slowly.

He was so slow that Amy had plenty of time to talk about the things that had happened that day. They do everything fast: There is never any time to talk or play or laugh.

Until Amy brings home a sloth she finds in the park. Because the sloth does everything slowly, the family are forced to go slower too. And things begin to change. The Sloth Who Came to Stay is a humorous tale with an important reminder for readers of all age about the value of taking time to enjoy conversations, experiences and more.

Australia is full of the most amazing animals. Many of them are found nowhere else in the world. From gliding and dancing animals to slithering and hopping ones — all are unique! Australian animals are as amazing as they are unique. From marsupials including kangaroos and wombats, to big birds such as the emu, to poisonous critters like the irukandji jellyfish, each animal has something special which will amaze young readers. A is for Australian Animals , combines facts about these animals with deatiled, delightful illustrations.

There is one or more animal for every letter of the alphabet, with each given a page or spread containing several facts about the animal against illustrations bringing both the animal and its environemnt to life. A is for Australian Animals: Sunning himself as he settled each paw was lazy old sleepyhead, Scarface Claw. It is up to Constable Chrissie, with her sirens and light to put a stop to the van, and get the cat home.

Scarface Claw Hold Tight! As with other stories, the adventure stands alone, though fans will be delighted to see favourite characters, including the tough cat Scarface Claw, Tom and even Miss Plum all feature. Text is in rhyming verse which scans welll and withstands the repeated readings which chidlren will demand, and the illustrations featuring the detailed water colour and ink outlines which Dodd does so well.

But then one day disaster struck — the one thing Rodney feared. Rodney loves nothing more than drawing. He does it night and day. But when his pen — his favourite, perfect pen named Penny — suddenly disappears, Rodney is frantic. He twisted his head from side to side enjoying the wintry scene. He looked up to admire the falling snow, but then he made a ghastly gasp.

Our snowman had turned a very bright pink! Stuck inside on a snowy day in the Blue Mountains, Krystal is bored. Krystal and Jasper must figure out what is causing the problem, and how to fix it. The Pink Snowman is a short chapter book posing a humorous, unexpected problem. Complemented with black and white line drawings with pink highlights, this is an entertaining read. Ma raised me that way.

May Callaghan has been raised to be a good girl. Her mother is a devout Catholic, and she thinks May will do the right thing; say her prayers, live devoutly, then marry well. But seventeen year old May has a secret boyfriend. Sam is a star footballer, and the way he makes May feel leaves her questioning what her mother has taught her. Fed up life in her small town, may lies to her parents and sneaks to Melbourne to visit Sam.

With her parents struggling through problems of their own, and Sam called up for service in Vietnam, May finds herself very alone facing the biggest challenge of her life. So, no point reading on because this book is very, very boring.

He tries everything to stop the pages being turned, finally revealing why: This laugh out loud, interactive book will delight young readers, and will be requested over and over again. In a high tree fork, a grey ball unfurls. Tall as a toddler, a dozy young koala sniffs at leaves. Following the adventures of one young koala as it becomes time for him to separate from his mother and find his own way in the world, Koala is a wonderful blend of narrative and fact.

Koala must overcome hunger, predators, natural disasters, and even other koalas before, finally, he finds a new home where he can live safely. Part of the wonderful nature Storybooks series, Koala uses narrative non-fiction to trace the life of a fictional koala, grounded in fact, and supported on each spread by additional facts. A must have for Australian homes and classrooms, Koala is also sure to be enjoyed by overseas audiences. I just ate my friend. What if I never find another friend again?

A glum yellow character is lonely: Now he is regretting his actions, and is searching for a new friend. But the other creatures he finds are too big or too small, or even too frightening. When he does finally find a suitable friend, the tables are turned, in an unexpected ending which makes even adults laugh out loud.

With a potential message about belonging and the importance of impulse control, this hilarious offering is mostly just good fun. Suitable for schools and home enjoyment. Sure to be loved by kids and adults alike. A powerful, emotional read. Page 1 Page 2 … Page Next page.


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