Sedco forex schlumberger jobs. The average Base Salary for sedco forex schlumberger in Houston, TX is $K per year, ranging from $K to $K. 33% are White. 78% of sedco know oil/gas. There are 2 times more sedco forex schlumberger applicants in Houston, TX with a Bs than those with a Phd. Make the most out of your career. $K.

Sedco forex schlumberger jobs

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Sedco forex schlumberger jobs. The purchase of the SEDCO drilling rig company and 50% of Dowell of North America in led to the creation of Anadrill (a combination of Dowell and The Analysts' drilling segments) and the SEDCO Forex Drilling Company (a merger of SEDCO with Forex Neptune). Meanwhile, the acquisition of 50% of GECO in

Sedco forex schlumberger jobs

Now here was a switch. For once, a Schlumberger person was not talking to me about the benefits of some fantastic new technology.

That sounded pretty fishy to me. But Al-Hassan calmly explained. Ours have a can-do, quality attitude. That makes all the difference. Likewise around the world—by leveraging an increasing fleet of Schlumberger owned and operated drilling rigs to support integrated well construction projects for our clients—we are following through on a strategy of company-wide growth through IPM.

Rig Management is a critical part of this growth strategy, for which we require access to drilling rigs. I was entirely prepared to believe Smida on this point: Nearly all oil rigs look the same to me. But it made sense to have a look anyway, widen my horizons a bit. I would do that, of course, but first I had to get there—via a 7am flight to the oil industry outpost of Fahud, then two hours by crew bus across the central Omani desert, a seemingly endless expanse of clay-colored rubble.

By the time we bounced up to rig camps 79 and 96, which currently sit side-by-side on a three-acre lot, the air temperature had reached 50 degrees Celsius F. Even the handful of camels shuffling around camp were wearing an expression of despair. A jovial Pakistani who joined Schlumberger by way of Forex Neptune in , Shoukat has been right here, drilling for gas above the Kauther gas field, for the last two years, and the man gives every impression of liking it.

It was going to be hard to find someone prouder than Ali Shoukat, I thought—at least out here in the Omani desert. Less than a mile across the rubble I found the recommended Mamoon Khan, a Pakistani who joined Schlumberger as an assistant driller in He was sitting in kingly fashion in his air-conditioned office, in the shadow of Rig 96, to which he has been assigned since December And you want speed?

To support his argument, Khan turned to Staff Engineer Jinyuan Qiao, who joined Schlumberger from Chinese national oil company Sinopec nine months ago, and who now oversees logistics and procurement for both 79 and He should be a reasonably impartial judge, Khan figured. Which do you like better—that one or this one?

True beauty is universally recognized. Clearly, the dueling rig dilemma was nowhere near a resolution. I should point out, however, that in August Rig 79 will have achieved four years without a single Lost Time Incident, while Rig 96 recently passed the two-year mark without an LTI event—which makes 79 and 96 the two best performing rigs in Oman today.

As far as I could tell, Bassam Al-Hassan had been dead right: Of course as a junior IPM engineer training to become a rig manager, trying new jobs is her job. She started as a roustabout on a barge in her native Venezuela in , then went to Gabon as a mechanic and an electrician.

But as chief mechanic on Rig 96, in charge of maintaining all heavy equipment—generators, mud pumps, winches, drilling equipment and draw works—you could say he likes a well-oiled machine. And after 16 years filling this role, he also likes working on rotation, or the coming and going to faraway places to concentrate on his work…and on his life back home.

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Rig Management Oman Date: Warning on Recruitment Fraud Beware — recruitment scams on the increase! These fraudsters then ask for payment to obtain visas or to process immigration documents. Eye of the Beholder.


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