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Paxforex login to gmail


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Paxforex login to gmail

Pax Forex is a forex broker. I disagree with Ajt Not all his issues are broker faults. Here is my vision: I view it more as a false layer of security.

A good broker is a good broker, period. On top of that, most regulated brokers are regulated in places where regulation is nothing more than a word. Anyone who truly believes that a Cyprus, Belize, Mauritius, Seychelles, etc. I never picked a broker based on regulation, but I tried brokers in order to weed out the good from the bad. In this case, the trader did get his funds back which is one reason why Paxforex is not a scam broker.

The purpose of scamming is to enrich the broker while the trader faces partial or total loss. Make smarter banking decisions, and this can be avoided. It usually happens in way less than 2 seconds, there may have been a trade here and there which took seconds but less than a dozen trades in three years which is OK with me. In general the execution is good. Should any broker have permanent issues to fill orders, run!

I always advice traders to skip reviews by others including this one and know what you are looking for, then go out there and find it. Place trades, request withdrawals and do everything you need and want to do unless you are satisfied with the broker.

After that make a real deposit. Yes, this takes a lot more time than reading a review and blindly trusting a stranger. It is no secret that the majority of reviews are either written by disgruntled traders who faced losses due to their own mistakes accepting bonuses and not reading the fine print would be a big one or sponsored by brokers in order to attempt to lessen the reputation of competitors.

I have tried Paxforex with a small deposit as mentioned above and after one year of no issues I increased my deposits and Paxforex is now one of my main brokers for various reasons. I like to not worry about what the broker may do and focus on my trading. It is hard to get an environment like that and I am glad that in my case Paxforex has given me and continues to give me just that.

This broker is horrible. I traded with them for about two weeks and it only took that amount of time for me to realize what a mistake it was. Firstly, their order executions were terrible. I was looking at most fills falling somewhere in the 2 second range and some were as high as 9 seconds. When I hit the button to enter I should be getting a near immediate fill. In those few seconds price can move a lot, so precision is out of the question with them, and precision is crucial for short term traders.

Imagine that…in this day and age of technology and it takes that long to get a fill? Certainly nowhere near seconds. As an intraday trader, those seconds can be agonizing waiting for confirmation of a fill, whether that be for an entry or an exit.

And it is not because of my computer or Internet speed as they are both top notch speed. It was all on their end with their server. Second, their bank fees just to withdraw funds is ridiculous.

They say it is because of their bank processors for bankwires. And lastly, their slippage is incredibly bad. Trading the most liquid pair during a very liquid time, and with no news announcements…there is NO WAY anyone should ever be slipped 11 pips in this pair! They also said if I deposited more money with them I would be able to open an account on their VPS server, which would allow for better fills and less slippage.

When I tried to bring up all these issues with my account manager and his boss, I got nowhere. They cannot be trusted. Deposited USD on the standard account.

Made a profit of USD in a month I am a long-run investor. Received the total of USD to my Neteller account within an hour. The client area is the best I have ever seen. The house is full of good people. Overall an excellent broker out there. Very dishonest broker, will cancel your winning trades to their likes and leave you the losing trades. Don't trade with those scams. This broker is awesome, my experience with this broker when open account is too fast and my experience with the page is very friendly that can anyone person understand with clarity.

Offer a lot of variable oppportunities for every trader who can join it. Have it diiferents types of account for different tradig styles of each person, great scalping, hedging. Also if you are a beginning trader is recommendable start with a demo account that is offer.

Process time of deposit and withdrawal is too excellent. This broker is transparent have a regulation, this is accurate for each person that will trade safe with this broker.

The trading conditions in this broker are so good. I see in different review that this broker have too much positive review and in my opinion the process when open account is too fast and so good!. Have a section for learn if you have doubt, you can clarify in their sections. Really you know if a broker is too good when update your system of work for better. Also this broker have research , his is very important because have fundamental analysis of pairs commonly traded, this is great, have it recommendations, blog, calendar if you want check news that will impact the market and create volatility, blogs, and calculators.

Have many testimonials of different person in the page. Appears in Media in company of have recognition. If you want contact it this broker you can do it using different media like twitter, facebook, google, VK, skype. Also and this is excellent have contact via telephone. You can see that this broker is very interesting in the wellness of every client that decide open account. I recommend this broker because demonstrate me that i can comfortable and is my best decision.

Also you can contact if you have any questio using the live chat. If you asked me if is recommendable open account, i will tell you do it with confidence because the treat exceeds my expectations. Thank you Paxforex for exceed my expectations!!! I am a loyal trader with Paxforex and the fast and reliable customer support was a main reason why I am staying with them. Apart from that, I get my expected number of pips without any issues or delays. I never felt any concerns when trading with them because everything is transparent thru the report they send.

I would definitely recommended Paxforex. Paxforex is a good broker. I'm an IB with them as well as a real world trader with them and Max, my account manager, has done well by me.

I got all my IB commissions on the 1st of December. As far as execution speed is concerned, Paxforex is good. I've experienced sub one second execution speeds on ALL my trades, experienced fast withdrawal executions and great customer service. I traded standard lots with ZERO issues or problems. Here's the video I took of that trade: They have the potential to be the 1 forex broker in the world according to the results that I have gotten from them.

Some will say that they are a scam, but my results do not conclude this. I have gotten plenty of calls from Max, the account manager and I hear and see nothing but sincere actions. For all those that read negative thoughts or words about Paxforex, I sincerely think you need to see that the reality is that Paxforex is competing against other brokers who also has intentions on beating the competitions.

Paxforex is sound and sincere. Don't think twice about joining them. Go back and look at my video above and if you want to join Paxforex, I can help you a great deal with your trading. You can sign up here: It was April 27, and I needed desperate help. As a result of my wife and I splitting up; and not amicably on her part I might add, I was in a world of trouble.

On April 26th, I had told my wife that since there were trust issues in the marriage, after 1 year and 1 month of marriage, it was best that we separate. On the same day, we went to a restaurant to eat and then we came back home. I was in the bathroom and once I came out of the bathroom I went to my bedroom and saw that my computer bag was open and that my wallet was gone.

I confronted her and, as usual, she lied and told me that she did not take my wallet and that maybe I left it at the restaurant. So, we went back to the restaurant. Long and behold, within 30 seconds of stepping foot into the restaurant, I came back outside to find that her and the vehicle we came with completely gone. I had to ultimately call the deputy sheriff department to come and pick me up from the restaurant to bring me home.

What she did was she went home, claiming that she was picking up her daughter from her daughters friend house, but in reality, she was taking my computer items and hiding them in undisclosed locations that I could not find. On the 26th of April on a sunday , she stole my trading computer samsung galaxy


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