Learn to trade forex greg secker. Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and international speaker. He is the owner of Greg also owns Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software and founded The Greg Secker Foundation. and More recently in and we were awarded Best Forex Educational Provider by Global Banking & Finance.

Learn to trade forex greg secker

Greg Secker - getting started Trading Forex

Learn to trade forex greg secker. Greg is the founder of The Greg Secker Foundation a not-for-profit organization committed to positively improving the quality of life for people and communities around the world. VTD was the first online real-time Forex trading platform, allowing customers to receive real-time quotes for huge foreign exchange transactions.

Learn to trade forex greg secker

Recently attended their 2 hour free taster seminar. Have now read things on the internet that have put me off What I don't understand though is that they say the software is completely automated - there is no choice in what you do at all, so how can it not work and how can you do it wrong or not be able to do it?

If it's all automated then the program does it for you?? Or was the two hour seminar blatant lies? You may want to go with your gut and hold off spending your money.

Not all automated systems are crap, but there is a lot. If they're the real deal they'll still be around after you do a little investigation. Take some time and do more checking. A good place to start would be here. I'm not familiar with automated systems, but there are people on this forum that are. Tell everyone what you like about them, what they say their program will do for you as well as what you're trying to accomplish with trading. Ask for opinions and see what shakes out.

You'll get opinions on everything from never spend anything to depends on what you're buying. They said that you can't go wrong because it's just an automated system, but when I look around the internet they have really bad reviews, saying that it's a scam and it doesn't work.

I can't afford to lose the money - it's almost all I have. Run away as fast as possible. This is a scam pure and simple. Automated trading programs cannot trade profitably in the long term. Professional algo trading companies are struggling to remain in business. Where I live, we have a "cooling off" which allows us to cancel any within 10 days with no prejudice. I hope you have the same kind of protection. But I think there are other avenues to explore like your bank.

So what they say is lies? I don't see how they can be doing that - lying as blatantly as that - why would they not have been stopped by now? Can you tell me HOW it is a scam? Just the fact that you can't afford to lose that money should tell you to take a pass. The problem is you don't know when trades are going to work out you may suffer a lot of loses before you get a string of winners.

There are 3 parts to trading that you must have covered if you want a reasonable chance at success. You will need a solid trading method, that is constructed around sound money management principles and applied with patience and discipline. That's the thing - they made it sound totally concrete. As long as you let the software do its thing and you don't change it or interfere with trades then you can't lose. The guy said that in 8 years of trading he has not had ONE losing day.

The software finds the trades and tells you when to enter and when to exit - simple. That is absolutely what they said. You don't need a solid trading method because it is all done by the software.

You don't need patience and discipline because it is all done by the software. It seems they have been going for years, so how are they lying like this and getting away with it? Does the software not do what they say it does? I wonder if anyone here has done the course and can clarify? These people are too clever to tell blatant lies. They will tell you what you want to hear - easy money with no effort. But somewhere in the small print, they have a escape clause. Its the same song and dance as with the people who sell self improvement courses, baldness cures and for that matter weight loss programs.

The chances of this being legit is tiny, especially if they have a bad track record already. I did the course 4 years ago this month in their offices in Fulham and I'm not doing it anymore. I wasted 5K on this. I wanted to try forex to see if it was as easy as they made out,it wasn't. Ibet on a variety of sports including horses and will stick to that. Also ask yourself thsi question, why did the BBC and the Observer newspaper write articles on K2A stating facts about the company if it wasn't true?

I make money from betting on sports, what are you actually looking to achieve and do you have any understanding of betting and odds?. In spite of the general perception of betting, it isn't a mugs game if you know what to do. Isn't that the truth. Almost like you, I cam to the forex from the poker and sports betting world, after talking to someone who explained forex to me.

I thought this is great. You can bet on currencies, they can use automated programs to place your bets, take you out when your in profit, so you don't have to be there, they have what they call signal services, sounds to me like handicappers.

And if you think about it betting on currencies is no different than a football or basket ball game. So my plan was to purchase an automated program and a signal service put them both together and there you have it a nice easy and another revenue stream: What saved me is I came here first and after a day of reading posts here, I realized there was a strong possibility my original plan wouldn't work without having some basic knowlege, so then my intent was to learn the basic's, and after I did that it was quite clear that forex is not easy, but just like poker and sports betting you have to put the work in for a strong foundation if you want to make money long term.

Well, we're all different, but they never charged me extra for the IG. I also took the course around four years ago. Under four grand all in including a lot of coaching and I have made it back applying what they taught me, with bells on. Just to keep a little balance here! I'm not of the ever-popular 'present opinion as universal fact' clan, unlike many around here. I hope that new and inexperience people if they don't learn anything else about the forex, is that there is no one size fit's all.

Everyone learns different, everyone has different experiences and goals. That goes for this site as for sure. You have to decide whats right for you based on your situation, not because some person you don't know says this is the only way. Words of wisdom always comes from experience. How was the 2 day workshop for learn to trade. I was a student of Greg secker when his company was knowledge to action but back then you had to do the technical analysis yourself but now under his new company learntotrade the technical analysis is automated.

Im curious to know what each strategy is all about and if you can share this with me ill share what i learned in KTA FX pivot, sniper, income generator and snapback. Im more actually interested to know the profit to loss ratio for each strategy.

Technical analysis Do it Yourself you can achieve results if you know what your doing 10 out of 10 but with software automated robot indicators like this most of them dont even reach 7 out of Please tell me what you think of the Smart charts because I am like most people dont want to get ripped off paying crap software indicators when i can learn to do my own technical analysis manually.

Because i was a KTA student they offered a discount of 2. I will suggest you to be more careful with trading softwares. Just ask your self, if that software is that good why they are selling it.

They can just make tons of money by using it. What are you trying to accomplish with this? What I was trying to accomplish was making money from trading with as little risk as possible. Hopefully I will get my deposit back: No size fits all Is it similar as the saying "take everything with a grain of salt"?

Im curious to know what each strategy is all about and if you can share this with me ill share what i learned in KTA FX pivot, sniper, income generator and snapback Income Wave- Wbat kind of setup is it and what is a good trade and a bad trade? Interbank Radar-Wbat kind of setup is it and what is a good trade and a bad trade? Money Market Breakout-Wbat kind of setup is it and what is a good trade and a bad trade? Hi jayneuk, were you able to get your deposit back?


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