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Forex killer v4

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Forex killer v4. If you are a Forex Killer customer, you should've received an email with a link to download AutoFxK as a free bonus. It'd be best to contact Forex Killer support for the same, especially if you don't have the updated version of Forex Killer. For those of you who already have the updated Forex Killer v, you may.

Forex killer v4

For those of you who already have the updated Forex Killer v4. The download is a zip file that contains AutoFxK along with its instruction manual as well as other required files. Please be sure to read through the Instruction manual carefully. When you first run AutoFxK, you will have to enter your name and email address to complete the validation procedure.

Once the validation process is complete, you have to setup AutoFxK first. Make sure the Settings are to your taste especially make sure that the path to Forex Killer is specified correctly under the General tab. If you have got the latest updated version of Forex Killer the updated 4.

Make sure you have your Metatrader and Forex Killer opened up before you do this. The cursor should reach the Chart Timeframe dropdown box in ForexKiller. After the mouse calibration is done, all the other test shortcuts should work smoothly. As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

All the best to you in your Forex trading! This error means that you are not using the latest Forex Killer. Please contact Forex Killer support to get the updated 4.

The version number of the updated ForexKiller remains the same v4. In the meantime, until you receive the updated version, please choose version 3 under General tab in AutoFxK. In case you get this error, please leave a comment here with your details such as name, email address, etc. AutoFxK , forex automated software , Forex Killer. For those of you who have been appreciative, I thank you deeply you for your compliments. Alright, now for the announcement: I will be releasing an improved version of AutoFxK that should reduce the common errors that some of you have been experiencing with AutoFxK0.

You should hear from me by Sunday. I will place the download link here first, so that you can test it out initially. If things work out fine and the number of issues become reduced, I shall ensure that version 6 will be uploaded to the ForexKiller website for the benefit of all the other customers.

So, in essence, you guys are gonna be the main testers for the upcoming version. The new version of AutoFxK v 0. The latest version has a simple Strategy section as well as a neat Scheduler. This is an announcement regarding the latest version of AutoFxK. There is a simple Strategy feature which will only work with the latest version of Forex Killer. Please ensure you include the version of Forex Killer you have the exact version number can be obtained under the Help menu option in Forex Killer.

One point I must emphasize: I am only looking for individuals who are SERIOUS about testing my software and who are willing to give me constructive feedback that will help to improve this little gem. For those of you who genuinely contribute during this testing phase, your names will be included in the AutoFxK documentation. That is my way of giving my sincere thanks to you for your efforts and opinions.

This has been a long time coming. Created by the same folks from ForexAutoPilot. The results are barely ok so far… this one makes almost as many losing trades as its profitable ones. Ok, so the marketing hype was pretty catchy. Until Sunday, stay safe and Happy Trading!!! Settings Part II 3. Which version of Forex Killer are you using v3 or v4. Looking forward to your responses! AJ October 13,


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