Desk forex. One of the first steps any aspiring Forex Trader must do is decide on their choice of a Forex broker. This is a very important decision and should be considered carefully. There are several different types of Forex Broker models, but broadly speaking, they will typically fall into two main categories – Dealing Desk Operations.

Desk forex

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Desk forex. New traders have always been puzzled by the meaning of dealing desks (DD) and no dealing desks (NDD) of forex brokers, with many of them thinking that DD brokers are always trying to cheat the traders and go against their clients positions. In reality, the decency of the broker depends on the way they operate and their.

Desk forex

When picking a Forex broker it is imperative to understand the trade structure that you will be using. You need to understand whether you are using a dealing desk Forex broker or not. This knowledge can greatly influence whether or not you feel comfortable using the broker in the long run. The biggest problem with your broker is whether or not they may be actively trading against you.

Dealing desk brokers profit by buying at lower prices and selling at higher prices, and by taking advantage of the spreads between the bid and ask price. In most cases, dealing desk brokers keep trades safely within their own liquidity pools and do not require external liquidity providers. While some people believe that this type of brokerage takes advantage of the trader, many traders appreciate the fixed spreads.

The opposite of a dealing desk broker is a non-dealing desk broker, which are often referred to as ECN electronic communications network brokers or STP straight through processing brokers. Instead, they work with liquidity providers to give their clients variable spreads and to match traders with other traders who would like to take the other side of a trade. If you think about this, it can be a significant conflict of interest.

Your broker has a vested interest in seeing you lose on the trade. There have even been examples of brokers that have been indicted for playing games with their customers trades. You read stories of brokers that simply wipe their customers out, or refusing to pay profits as they will tell traders that the price of the trade was executed at a "false price".

Another problem with the dealing desk is that you may run into a delay when getting your order filled. In a meltdown, the dealing desk Forex broker needs to manually approve every trade that comes through. If there are thousands and thousands coming in, you may find that you get slipped several dozen pips before your trade gets filled. I have had personal experience with this, both for and against my bottom line. When you have a dealing desk that is overwhelmed, it can lead to exaggerated losses.

The no dealing desk environment automatically matches client orders with other traders via a liquidity provider. Normally this is completely computer driven, and instantaneous. This is one of the main advantages over the traditional dealing desk model. It shouldn't be suggested that simply because a dealing desk exists that the broker is dishonest. In fact, for a very long time this was considered to be normal business standards.

But as time has gone on, a few bad apples have given the concept of the dealing desk a very bad name and traders are starting to demand at the very least automated trading, if not anonymous and ECN trading.

If you are uncomfortable with the concept of the dealing desk, there are plenty of brokers out there that do not use them. Even in a non-ECN environment, you can still find automated trading that is completely fair and transparent. Before turning to financial writing, she taught English writing skills to high-school age students.

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