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Forex trend finder

Forex Trading Trend Finder, Forex GPS for trading

Forex trend finder. Forex Trend Finder by Jeff Wilde. Dear Fellow Forex Trader,. I have been trading since and I can tell you that my 2 biggest problems were knowing which market to trade and which direction to trade in. Think about it There are a whole lot of currencies pairs. so how do you know which one will give you the highest.

Forex trend finder

The medium-term multiple currency trade Forex Trend Finder system for four-hour graphs under the data of their developers allows to earn effectively on the trend market and to leave the market in time without any loss. Additional indicators are not contained in a standard set of the popular trading systems, but can be found in a network freely. Tasks of indicators in strategy: All indicators are presented in the form of histograms. While the position with respect to zero level is not of interest here as the points of intersection of the central line are not considered as a trading signal , only colour and height of the elements of a histogram are used for the analysis.

The reliable trading signal requires that conditions for all three indicators must have been met. StopLosses and TakeProfits are mandatory. Positions are held open until two of three Trend Finder indicators change color on the opposite or in case of achievement of the profit level.

StopLosses and TakeProfits - under the regular scheme. We enter the transaction at opening of the candle where the following conditions have been satisfied. For the purchase, if: For the sale the reverse conditions should have been met: If there is a breakthrough of the moving average where positions are open even if the moving average is speculative , it is recommended to close transactions or transfer them to a zero loss zone. Nevertheless, in practice it is recommended for the first transaction to choose trade lot, which is twice as large, than the one for the second transaction.

Even though the first transaction is in the market less time, the chances of success will be bigger. It is assumed that the transaction will bring the main profit, and therefore the amount of it can be increased. We put TakeProfit for the first transaction on points, for the second transaction the rigid profit cannot be determined as this transaction will be closed only after the histogram of the AwesomeOscillator indicator changes the color for opposite.

StopLoss is fixed on points from a point of opening of both transactions. We will ignore any signals for both transactions until they have reached profit in 50 points and have transferred Stop to profitability level. Strategy of Trend Finder is known as a trend strategy, but there can be various trends. In practice this technique makes profit only on strong and long movement, and in a flat it does everything to the contrary - sale on a minimum and purchase on a maximum.

In practice Stops in points can be not profitable. For trade under Forex Trend Finder strategy it is necessary to choose an asset with stable volatility, without speculative bounces, and in the modern market it is difficult to find such a currency pair. The system really looks effective on currency pairs, but you should not forget that all three indicators of the basic strategy are oscillators.

Without application of moving average it is better not to trade — it will help to monitor a major tendency of the market more precisely. It is better to select parameters for oscillators for a specific asset and to apply on the real account only after careful testing. Forex Trend Finder technique is not ideal. Trading signals arise seldom, even though all of them have rather high reliability. Stable results practically on any asset are undoubted advantage of the system.

Therefore, it can be used as addition to the short-term techniques. Strategy is suitable for a quiet medium-term trade and for the technically trained traders.

As all medium-term strategies, it places rather great demands on the deposit to wait out possible kickbacks and speculative bounces.


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