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Brilliance forex exchange

Forex Brilliance Free Download

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Brilliance forex exchange

Yep, I got caught up with in the very slick video marketing campaign and free indicators. Initially they had a user forum that soon was filled with a lot of unhappy comments. Apart from all the usual issues with people not used to loading and working with Robots the most concerning issue was the experience many people had of the robot opening and closing numerous positions at the one time.

I sent questions to their support on two occassions that were unanswered. You always get concerned when a business that brags about how successful they are use gmail and hotmail for their support address. After a couple of weeks they shut down the forum - this is the sign of extremely unethical people with no concept of customer service running away from legitimate client issues.

Eventually I only received a response when I demanded a refund from Plimus. They then informed me that they had a new ECN compatible version and directed me to downloade it.

There would be no refund until I could show them a trading statement for 60 days. I loaded the Robots and tested in in Demo and they seemed to work ok.

A few hours later it executed a profitable trade so I then loaded the remaining 3 recomended currencies. I then was away from my PC for a couple of hours and came back to find that the GBP bot had executed and closed 45 loosing trades in 14 mins.

It even opened 7 trades at the exact same instant. Fortunately I had it set on one mini lot and did not use the Money management option or I would have lost a lot more money. Obviously I disabled all bots and will never use them again. This is another case of poorly programmed EA's that will work to some degree in demo but can't handle actual live trading conditions.

I have again asked for a refund and am waiting for a response. I will let you know how it goes. I am not going to run it on a live account for 60 days to loose all my money so I can get a refund and running it on a demo account will prove nothing.

Do not waste your money on this. I don't believe these guys are even traders - just very slick marketers. After two years of trading and coming to the conclusion that you can only make serious money by being a disciplined manual trader I am embarassed that I fell for it.

I bought the package, and of course I shouldn't have! I have had it trading for two weeks and it has made net losses overall. But worse than that is the inability of the FB team to respond to emails and questions at all. I have sent several emails, none of which has received a reply. In addition, at least two of their free indicators repaint, so historically they look great, but in real trading they repaint badly leaving you inevitably on the wrong side of a trade.

If you to were caught up in the hype, I'm sorry for you. It is not what was promised. Company appears to be out of business. Live discussion Join live discussion of TheForexBrilliance. Video Your company video here? Court cases Open 0 Resolved 0 Not guilty 0 Guilty 0. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.


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