Are you satisfied about forex. May be you should be asking a different, and perhaps, more helpful question. For example, 'Are you satisfied with your performance as a Forex trader so far?' That kind of question will help any trader, no matter their trading capital to assess how far they've come and how they can improve. Trade safe and.

Are you satisfied about forex

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Are you satisfied about forex. could you please post a myfxbook link showing your manual results for all to see. i mean whats possible manual trading vs robot? I am not an expert trader that you have to know first of all and I have lose a lot while dealing with the bots previously and I have never heard about the myfxbook, also at present.

Are you satisfied about forex

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Please select a category to choose from: Here maximum people are Forex traders and everyone i think are trading in the market. Till now are you satisfied with your Forex earning? Me is a new trader and till not achieved that position. Forex is the great place for business in online there have many ways for making money easily, as like trading you can trade here part time or full time and any time you can do here your job and can get enough profit i am also satisfied with this profit.

Forex is different from all the other businesses you know. With the other businesses, the more you learn and know, the more successful you will be and the more money you will make. For now maybe i do is add my knowledge and experience before trading in real account, i need to practice and manage my emotions by doing a test on a demo account for trading systems i am studying, hopefully in the future be able to stable profit while trading in a real account as well.

I am not satisfied with my Forex earning so far. Keep working hard and you'll soon see good results. Until further notice, I can do and learning meetings and exchange before the actual recording, I have to practice what sense and would clarify and test the exchange of cadres am focusing on happily for some time to be able to exercise the stabilization actual recording rate too.

Well i also consider new dealer because i joined to forex few month ago, but it still in the startup phase but at the same time i am satisfied with what i achieve so far although it is still just a few profits but i am glad alot because it is the first win amount of work for me.

Yes i am satisfied with my Forex earning as this is best online job and one of the largest online business to earn very good income through the Forex trading and i can earn money which is enough for my need and this will make me independent in the life therefore i am satisfies with my Forex earning.

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