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What does put paid mean

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What does put paid mean. put paid to sth meaning, definition, what is put paid to sth: to finish or destroy something. Learn more.

What does put paid mean

Put paid to - Idioms by The Free Dictionary https: After a lengthy debate, we finally put paid to who would take over the estate. Email has almost completely put paid to the act of sending handwritten letters anymore. As if one were stamping a bill "paid". At last, we were able to put paid to the matter of who is to manage the accounts. Finish off, end, as in We'd best put paid to this issue. To finish off; put to rest: References in periodicals archive? Failure to win both games against Spartans will put paid to our hopes.

We also agreed that the government's move to remove tobacco displays in shops will put paid to as many businesses as the smoking ban has already shut pubs. The winner carries the colours of Ray Green and his wife Anita, and the former said: MattHolmes netted four times as Rhos Aelwyd put paid to Acrefair while Venture notched a verdict against Garden Village, two of the goals coming from Matty Phillips.

MOLD Alex suffered a shock With the Reds three places and a point further back in eighth, defeat for either team would all but put paid to their title dreams. Gilberto fires title warning. But for Mick the demise of Clan represents the failure of British industry: On a crusade with a car. The report's authors said the findings, based on figures compiled for the World Health Organisation, had put paid to the idea that only older smokers were at risk of cardiac disease.

But the defensive frailties that put paid to Harriers' play-off ambitions struck again in the 71st minute when Paul Tait stole in to head home an equaliser from Chris Llewellyn's corner.

Last year should have been a year of celebration for the Welsh Pony and Cob Society as it marked its th birthday, but the foot-and-mouth epidemic put paid to that. Top of the class. Plans were put into action to hold an all-chase card, but further rain put paid to even that contingency. A massive heart attack a few years ago almost put paid to actor Bryan Mosley's job as Coronation Street star Alf Roberts.

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