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The hive forum


The hive forum. Each one is someone's story - pick a title and tell us yours. Log your daily victories, complete Daily Dares, join the Weekly Quest or an Event, whenever one is up. Topics: 3, Posts: , Last Post: DAREBEE Tree 3,, , Hakdi ยท DAREBEE Tree by Hakdi. Today, PM. Sub-Forums.

The hive forum

Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Group up and create a Warcraft hero based on a member of the Hive and win up to rep and a rank icon. Enter the team contest now! The Music Contest 8 Results are out!

Congratulate the creators of Hive's coolest soundtracks! The results for Mini-Mapping Contest 14 is up! Congratulate the winners here! The Concept Art Competition 10 has come to an end. Check out the results! Curse of Flesh has begun! Poll is finally up! Latest Updates and News All news and announcements regarding the site and its activities will be posted here to inform our community. Best of the Wurst 2 Chaosy , Dec 3, at Comment on our style, explore the site's possibilities or suggest improvements!

Jass Resource not counting? Flux , Nov 30, at 3: Off-Topic This forum is reserved for any mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus, nonesense irrotence or your special interests that doesn't suit any other forum.

The general site rules still apply however! Can you recognize this game? Forum game deepstrasz , Dec 3, at Gamer's Hub A place to discuss other games.

Heroes of the Storm. WoW Lore Chaosy , Dec 2, at The Arena This forum is for contests. Sign up to compete against other members of the Hive. Challenge Section Only real modders challenge other Hive Workshop members. Prove to them just how much better you are! Ask questions about anything not covered in other forums. Want to discuss topics related to World of Warcraft?

Go to the World of Warcraft Forum. What are the oldest Warcraft 3 maps? Hallfiry , Dec 2, at 8: Multiplayer, Clans and Arrangements Looking to play some Warcraft 3? All things WC3 multiplayer go here. Set up tournaments, clans, and even casual game arrangements. Patch Discussion Post feedback on the latest patches for Warcraft 3, report bugs and discuss new features.

We will compile a sticky thread of all your concerns and suggestions for Blizzard to see. Warcraft III - Patch 1. Please review the forum rules before posting. Goldmine Minimap BloodSoul , Dec 3, at 7: Map Development Discuss your developing maps. Release beta tests and get useful feedback before the final release. If your map is fully complete or is a late Beta, then it can be uploaded directly to our Maps Section.

Otherwise, attach the map to your post. This is NOT a forum to ask questions about the Editor! But if you need help getting started with a trigger, this is not the right place โ€” use the World Editor Help Zone. Problem with new attributes system Thiiago , Dec 4, at Warcraft Editing Tools Discuss third party tools. Explore tool usage; get help using a tool, or search for a needed one. Daffa the Mage , Nov 29, at 7: Requests Need a resource done for your project? Post your request here, however we cannot guarantee that your request may be answered.

I want to know your the Users opinion and give suggestions Diegoit , Dec 4, at WarCraft III Tutorials Nearly all the knowledge obtained from a decade of modification and findings have been recorded in finely written tutorials for you to peruse.

Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion tdrsmynm , Dec 3, at 8: Image - Tooltip Icons Darkxs , Nov 28, at 1: Write a story or read other members' stories.

Terrain Board Need some help making a terrain? Got a terrain screenshot that you would like to showcase? This is the place for you. Mountains of Sa'rin Drake. Game Development The place for game designers to show off their work, get help in their game-creation venture and discuss their ideas. Be advised that this forum is not related to Warcraft III modding.

Looking for testers - Island Survival Quilnez , Dec 3, at 6: Programming Here you can talk freely about programming languages outside of the Blizzard universe. Talk about languages, ask for help or just show off. This is the right place for you.

Discuss anything related to this game, share news and master the DotA 2 Workshop Tools! Pls help me get to very high skill [E]clipse , Nov 27, These forums remain open and available for you to comment. Darky's Modding Ventures โ€” Nature's Call. Nature's Call - Circle Defense. Nature's Call - The Spiderqueen.

Nature's Call - Return of the Dragons. Requiem of the Gods. The Kingdom of Kaliron. Oasis and Desert 2. The Dwarven Monster Slayers. Blades 'n Gore II. Lag from autocomplete EdgeOfChaos , Dec 2, at 7: Coop teamplay and replayability are unique features that will provide exciting gameplay experience. Sunken City All secret places Burndead , Nov 27, Ultimate Battle Experience the same melee gameplay with over 12 fully customized and unique races from the Warcraft universe.

Join us in our collaboration to make the biggest altered melee compilation in Warcraft 3! A question about the armor and the parry yanxin , Dec 3, at 3: Warden Warden is a single player campaign with unique boss fights, puzzles and gameplay, inspired by Zelda. Story Discussion deepstrasz , Aug 26, World Domination Battle your enemies with tanks, nuclear weapons, and zombie viruses in this diplomatic sandbox game of world conquering!

Ansiria - Light or Shadow. The Traitor Legion Chronicles. Broken Dawn โ€” The Elementals. Day of the Fish. Battle for Middle Earth. War of the Kingdoms. Shadows of the Past. Clash of the Titans. The Fall of the Gnomeregan.


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