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Tc2000 gold forex

Telechart Version 16 (TC2000 V16) Plantilla Drilldown, bolsa de valores

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Tc2000 gold forex

Log in or Sign up. Two other incorrect charts plotted by tc Here is the one hour incorrect chart from tc showing gap fill in eurusd which never happened. Always verify with another platform. Yes TC produces error charts. The second one from the right side. Usually when something happens to ticker, like change exchanges, split I talked to support but they're not concerned.

They don't put it on the plate soon. You have to double check graphs with the broker. Traddxxx Thank you for the note. Agree their charts have quite a number of bugs especially intraday timeframes. Their scanning is good but if the data is buggy you get obviously buggy results. I do have other platforms as well to double check their results. I am looking to downgrade from their platinum to gold till they fix their bugs. Don't see a need to pay premium price for platinum when its so obvious that their platinum subscription based on intraday feed is so buggy.

Hoping that they act on it soon and not let a good software go bad because of bad development team. You wrote it well. I also keep the Gold version only. If someone woke up there, it'd be easy to improve the tool..

But it looks they frozen the development completely and the only working person there is the nice support guy who can help with complex usage. Another example of how tc bars change old bars. Where did the hammer go? Hammer got replaced by a Doji Its always challenging to trust a platform when such things happen consistently. This "Dog ate my bars" Magic show happens almost everyday around mid night in tc Bars seem to change and old bars replotted like in the example plotted earlier 3.

Bar closing times are incorrect 4. Fake candlestick bars are plotted because of incorrect closing times 5. You will see 30 mins bars in 60 mins and mins. Most bugs are pending for years and new releases hardly has new features that are useful. Not a good sign but hope things change soon. I will revisit this a month from now and I bet tc would not have done anything to fix any of these bugs. Recommend people who use tc do double check charts using another provider so you do not trade using incorrect bars that tc plots.

The Worden guys just don't care. They shut their twitter accounts. They send absolutely no emails to customers. They don't fix the bugs for years. I can't believe this. There are still users!

Currently they are shaking out customers by forcing payment for data. They disable alerts and news for those who don't pay extras. They call new version v16, like it was a major change. Myriad of bugs still appear there. I was a long time Platinum subscriber. Finally gave up on it in March of when it became apparent that Worden Bros. I will tell you this: I miss the days when Don was there, publishing his nightly report, and Peter was active in the Platinum chat and I always enjoyed his weekly webinars.

When Don took ill, the downslide started. Slowly at first, but accelerating through the ensuing years and now, it seems to me, the devastation is complete. It still has great potential. It is awesome for scanning, and both the old pcf language for telechart and the newer tc iteration made programming and testing a pleasure.

But bad data, missing symbols, and drawing tools that make worperfect look cutting edge make it currently an unworkable solution for me. I sure miss Don Worden. I hear you and feel your pain. There are other good competing solutions that are coming up. As many long term customers leave, worden will be forced to spend money on marketing to get new customers.

These new customers will spend few months to learn the platform and eventually run in to the same bugs we all suffer and they will also leave and worden again has to spend more marketing dollars to fine more new customers. Any sane business person running a business will look to retain their existing customers by doing what is needed by working with the customers to fix the bugs asap.

If this company was public, it will be a good short candidate. Hope worden management gets a wake up call soon and takes an action. Did Worden sortout the bugs?

Still can't show gaps. They now focus on collecting extra fees via 1. I stick to v12 with realtime BATS data, still it's the fastest software to flick through charts. Now they became more active, release more versions. They display options which is great, and likely with better UI than other software, but why would I stair at it without a chance to trade.. It's unrealistic to have a good all in one trading software, I've tried so many all apps connecting to TWS and other sw and broker apps and in the end I return to my shitty slow broker UI simply because I need advanced stuff like option data, option strategies, future spreads, virtual securities..

I'd say, for 30 bucks, it's a keeper. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:


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