Promedica health system inc v federal trade commission. Federal Trade Commission (Summary). ANTITRUST – HOSPITAL MERGERS. ProMedica Health Sys., Inc. v. Federal Trade Commission, No. (6th Cir. Apr. 22, ). The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheld an order by the Federal Trade Commission fulltext (“FTC”) ordering a health system to divest a.

Promedica health system inc v federal trade commission

Power Distribution: Unitary, Confederation, and Federal

Promedica health system inc v federal trade commission. HOLDINGS: [1]-The Federal Trade Commission's ruling that the merger of two particular hospitals would adversely affect competition in violation of § 7 of the Clayton Act, 15 U.S.C.S. § 18, was supported by substantial evidence because it properly considered the relevant product market as primary and secondary medical.

Promedica health system inc v federal trade commission

ProMedica Health System, Inc. The FTC staff also filed a separate complaint in federal district court seeking an order requiring ProMedica to preserve St. The action in federal district court was brought jointly with the Attorney General of the State of Ohio. The PI hearing was held on February 10 and 11, Luke's Hospital harmed competition in violation of U. Judge Chappell ordered ProMedica to divest St. Luke's Hospital to an FTC-approved buyer within days after the order becomes final.

ProMedica appealed to the Sixth Circuit, which upheld the Commission's order. Monitor Agreement [Redacted Public Version] 1. Letters To Commenters June 25, Opinion of the Commission Concurring Opinion of Commissioner Rosch Luke's Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, Area. January 24, Complaint Counsel's Reply Brief 1.

January 19, Complaint Counsel's Answering Brief 1. December 27, Complaint Counsel's Appeal Brief 2. Respondent's Appeal Brief 2. Complaint Counsels Post-Trial Brief Rochford in Support of Motion Statement of Parties Regarding Meet and Confer June 3, Complaint Counsel's Pre-trial Brief 2.

Respondent Promedica Health System, Inc. June 1, Non-parties UnitedHealthcare, Inc. Notice of Appearance by Counsel Supporting the Complaint May 20, Non-Party Aetna Inc. Motion for in Camera Treatment of Hearing Exhibits Respondent Promedica Health System Inc. Counsel for Non-Party Wellpoint, Inc. For in Camera Treatment of Proposed Evidence April 8, Commission Order Regarding Scheduling February 25, Complaint Counsel's Notice of Appearance February 24, Complaint Counsel's Notice of Appearance Complaint Counsel's Notice of Appearance January 24, Complaint Counsel's Notice of Appearance Order Designating Administrative Law Judge I Would Like To Federal Trade Commission Headquarters: Stay Connected with the FTC.


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