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Forex full movie. FXNOW for Xbox One brings you the biggest and best lineup of critically acclaimed dramas, hit comedies, and blockbuster movies within an Xbox experience that's unmistakably FX. Access full episodes, movies, and unique original content from 3 channels—FX, FXX, and FXM. Navigation is easy to use and seamlessly.

Forex full movie

If you enjoy movies, TV shows and documentaries about traders and trading, here's an extensive list to watch. The list is categorized into movies, documentaries, TV shows and "Others. Wall Street - The story of an eager young broker who convinces a mogul corporate raider to mentor him The Wolf of a Wall Street - The mostly true story of Jordan Belfort, who began as a penny stock salesman on his way to creating a massive brokerage firm Margin Call - When massive risk is discovered that could bring down an investment bank, the firm takes action to hopefully avoid catastrophe.

The Pursuit of Happyness - A man with no prospects gets a job as an intern stock broker, and it changes his life for the better. Pi - A man goes a little crazy trying to predict patterns in the stock market. The Bank - A mathematician at a "greed is good" bank devises a way to predict stock moves. Cancel Crash - A documentary about the stock market crash, from the perspective of the traders who were there, and the traders who stepped in to buy when literally no one else would.

Into the Pit - The life of traders in the dwindling Chicago trading pits. The Smartest Guys in the Room - The rise and fall of Enron, and the management and traders who caused it. A Love Story - Examines how the quest for corporate profits overshadows doing what is right.

The Last Days of Lehman Brothers - Docudrama on the events that transpired in the final days before Lehman failed. The documentary is out there, but hard to find. Mind Over Money - Explores why economists failed to predict the financial crisis.

Power and Peril - A look into the financial giant and its corporate culture. The Alchemists of Wall Street - The men and woman crunching the numbers for financial and trading algorithms.

The Greed Game - How various people have made their fortunes. The Warning - How one woman tried to sound the warning bell before the financial crisis hit, but no one listened. Some are based on reality, while others are fictitious and for entertainment purposes only.

American Greed to current - A CNBC show featuring scams and con artists who bilk investors out of millions, often through trading schemes. Million Dollar Traders - A short-lived reality show on the BBC that attempted to turn normal people into traders.

Traders - A Canadian show taking you behind the scenes of a fictional investment bank and onto the trading floor. Wall Street Warriors - Examines the lives and jobs of the people who make their money in the financial markets. This section includes foreign trading movies or documentaries, as well as shows that are only slightly related to trading and traders.

Gold - Based on a true story, this movie follows a gold prospector who takes a company public and is a booming success for a time, until the truth about what is going on is revealed. Capital - French film about a European bank fighting a US hedge fund takeover. Limit Up - A floor runner starts getting trading tips from an angel.. Owning Mahowny - A bank employee embezzles millions to fuel a gambling addiction. Quicksilver - A trader loses everything, becomes a bike messenger, but then returns to the markets.

The Scam - South Korean film about a person who loses everything, but then makes a fortune in the stock market. The fortune upsets a large a scam in progress though, and results in repercussions. Limitless - A pill enhances a writer's mental abilities, and he uses those abilities to make money in the financial markets. Working Girl - A sectary teams up with an investment banker to work on a big deal. There are lots of trading movies, documentaries and shows out there.

Hopefully this list provides you with some titles you weren't aware of and can now watch. There are also loads of interesting financial documentaries available on YouTube and other video sites. There are always new trading movies, trading TV shows and trading documentaries being put out, so watch for updates on this list. Updated May 11, Some based more on facts and real events than others. Other Trading and Trader Movies This section includes foreign trading movies or documentaries, as well as shows that are only slightly related to trading and traders.

Other People's Money - The story of a corporate raid. Silver Bears - A silver mine and Swiss bank are acquired, by crooks. Stavisky - French film on a financial consultant and embezzler.

Arbitrage - A New York fund manger faces business and personal problems. Final Word on Trading Movies There are lots of trading movies, documentaries and shows out there.


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